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The biggest story to come out of Fjallraven HQ this season is the relaunched and revamped Greenland collection. We put the new Greenland Wind Jacket to the test to see how things have progressed.
fjallraven greenland wind jacket
Best for...
Windy walks that have a tendency to finish with a pint at the pub
Overall Score
Hipster styling with key technical twists
£220 for a wind jacket is undeniably expensive

The original Greenland jacket from Fjallraven is an outdoor classic. Developed in 1968 with a group of Greenland expedition members, the first jacket was constructed using robust and durable heavyweight tent material and gained somewhat of a cult following among outdoor lovers all over the globe.

The 2018 Greenland collection has come a long way from its simple and rather stout roots. Inspired by the needs of the modern day Greenland residents - scientists, wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts - the new collection is made up of a range of jackets, pants, t-shirts, shorts and packs with maximum style and minimum environmental impact.

The Greenland Wind Jacket is one of 10 jackets in this collection. At £220, it's the least expensive of the lot which will automatically filter out potentially interested parties as it may constitute too much of an investment for a non-waterproof jacket.

Before you flick to the next page, hear us out. The Greenland Wind Jacket may not provide the ultimate storm barrier but when it comes to weight and fit-for-purpose performance, it's an impressive bit of kit. At 370g in a Small, it's the lightest jacket in the collection which makes it easy to pop into your pack but more crucially, it's a really versatile piece.

Equally at home on a blustery hike as it is in the pub at the end of the day, the Greenland Wind Jacket balances style with substance in typical Fjallraven fashion. When you need protection from the elements the recycled polyamide material, adjustable hood and drawcord hem help keep gusts at bay and it goes without saying that by investing in Fjallraven, you're making an environmentally sustainable choice.

In terms of style, the Greenland Wind Jacket has a hipster type look and the distinctive colours reinforce this image yet further. Not ones to normally go in for pink clothing, we opted to test the 'Peach Pink' version of the jacket as the tone is sufficiently muted and looks classic.

All in all the Greenland Wind Jacket is a comfortable, good-looking jacket that can be used in a variety of outdoor and indoor environments. Think pub walks rather than alpine summits and you're good to go.

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