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Well-regarded outdoor classic walking trousers from premium Fjallraven brand get a facelift - are they still top-tier legwear?

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Top quality material, All-season wear, Comfortable and adaptable to conditions
Technical styling stands out off the hill, Spendy

Weight: 697g | RRP: £215 

The legendary Fjallraven Keb walking trousers have been updated with a slightly tweaked fit but still the same utilitarian bombproof durability - or so Fjallraven claims. The previous iteration was without doubt one of the best walking trousers on the market, ideal for taking on anything from low-level rambles like The Best Walks in the New Forest, or more serious adventures like taking on The Best Walks in Snowdonia

Read on for our full review of the Fjallraven Keb trousers, and don’t forget to check out our best waterproof jackets too before heading out to enjoy the season! 

Fjallraven Keb Trousers Review: Fit and Comfort

These latest Fjallraven Keb walking trousers have the same mix of stretch panels and hardy G1000 as the older model, two materials that are like chalk and cheese but work surprisingly well together. The stretch gives you fantastic freedom of movement and breathability for all out assaults on the mountain, and the G1000 in critical areas brings durability and protection.

We found the old Kebs slightly lose around the waist, and having opted for the same size this time we were pleasantly surprised by both the smaller fit, and the fact that we haven’t put on too much weight as we advance in years!

The waistband is faced in stretch material but backed with a soft non stretch fabric, meaning that your trousers stay in place but there’s a bit of give. The same sturdy button closure seals the waist and the belt loops are more generous than other walking trousers, allowing for a reasonable width belt, rather than a piece of webbing strap. The extra loop below the belt loops has always puzzled us slightly, but it’s still there if you find it useful, or completely ignore it as we suspect most already do. 

The cut is decidedly active, with sewn in articulation allowing for full articulation of the knees and the crotch being cut for comfort. Double stitching in this area adds to the durability. The hem is boot cut with heavy duty webbing and popper adjustment to cinch them in over your boots and a ridiculously handy metal hook, which you hook onto your laces to keep the trousers from riding up. 

Fjallraven Keb Trousers Review: Material and Design

Although the G1000 material makes the Fjallraven Keb trousers slightly hotter running than your average summer hiking trousers, two-way ventilation at the outer thighs and calves makes for a truly breezy experience when you open up the vents. The slight downside with the vents is that they’re not mesh-lined, which increases the breeze, but does allow biting insects (midges, we’re looking at you) to sneak in with predictable results. 

We’ve worn our Kebs in the depths of winter too, making them a much more versatile pair of walking trousers than most, taking you from winter right through to early summer - arguably spanning the ideal walking trouser weather. 

The two cargo hand pockets on the Keb trousers are particularly pleasing, with durable popper closures with a zipped pocket under one side, and a stretch phone shaped pocket in the other. The two hand pockets are also big and useful, there are no rear pockets but that doesn’t bother us in the slightest.

Fjallraven Keb Trousers Review: Conclusion

Overall, these are superb walking trousers for the hiker that appreciates the ‘buy cheap buy twice’ mentality. They’re super comfortable, versatile, and will last an incredibly long time. This is an essential consideration, as they’re nearly double the cost of some perfectly good but less-hardwearing brands. 

However, we’ve had a pair of the original Keb trousers for nigh on six years and they’re still in fantastic condition despite heavy hiking and wild camping use, testament to the excellent build quality - Fjallraven have a ‘built to last’ mentality when they craft clothing and it really shows. 

Buy Fjallraven Keb Walking Trousers: From £144 on

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