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As with many Fjallraven pieces, the Ovik Travel Shirt promises to be a versatile item - we put it to the test on the road.

Fjallraven Ovik Travel Shirt
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Your new go-to travel shirt

Fjallraven are specialists in the kind of versatile, semi-technical outdoor clothing that can double up as something vaguely smart in a restaurant. On the face of it the Ovik Travel Shirt appears to fit that same profile.

The initial impression is of a pleasantly loose-fitting shirt which serves two purposes. Firstly, it offers an airy feel in warm climates, and secondly it allows use as an overshirt in case the breeze picks up.

This isn't specifically a hiking shirt, so while there is no particular wicking magic or SPF promise there are the natural fibre benefits of a hemp and polyester blend. That means a relatively loose weave to complement the loose fit, a natural feel against the skin (which I always find more pleasant than any ground breaking tech fabric) and purported resistance to microorganisms.

There are a couple of travel-friendly features such as tabs to hold rolled-up sleeves in place and two passport-sized chest pockets, one of which includes a little slot to fit one arm of a pair of sunglasses.

Most of which may sound pretty bog-standard, but the Ovik Travel shirt has quickly become my favourite, and my go-to shirt every time the sun even threatens to come out. It has become a travel essential, and as such has perfectly fulfilled its brief.

The ability to create products that quietly and effectively go about their work should not be undervalued; Fjallraven manage it time and time again.

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