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Our review of the Singi Trekking Shirt from Fjallraven tests the claim that it is hardwearing for a 'multifaceted outdoor life.'
Best for...
For any occasion where a t-shirt may not quite cut it in terms of protection - hacking through undergrowth etc..
Overall Score
A rugged outdoor shirt for getting stuck in with
Sizing is slightly generous but gives room for layering

The Singi Trekking Shirt comes from Fjallraven's Singi range, which aims to embody the tried and tested solutions of traditional trekking gear. The shirt is constructed in a pre-washed and unwaxed version of Fjallraven's superb G1000 fabric, with strategically placed mesh covered venting for warmer conditions and ample pockets consistent with their utilitarian vibe.

The use of G1000 is a slight concern initially. Anyone familiar with the fabric in Fjallraven's jackets might be expecting something far too heavy for a shirt, and at first glance there is a certain stiffness to the fabric. However it has nowhere near the heft of a jacket - whether it's the lack of wax, or simply a lower grams-per-metre fabric, the balance is spot on. The Singi Trekking shirt is light enough for brisk hiking and burly enough to offer protection.

Being a recent convert to the trekking shirt, it was the breathability that impressed the most. Far from feeling buttoned up like an office worker, the shirt offers a generous fit, encouraging air flow, and the vents are a great help in that too. The button-up underarm vents seemed like they would be uncomfortable, but so far that hasn't been the case, and the yoke on the back is very discrete.

Where the Singi Trekking Shirt excels is in the woods, scrambling on rocks, crawling through undergrowth or anywhere highly abrasive. It's at times like these you appreciate just how flimsy a t-shirt really is, and how finely balanced between protective and lightweight, this product is.

Considering it's versatility - you could wax it to boost the weather protection and even layer it as light summer jacket - the price point is very reasonable and represents great value, especially as for item that will convert you to being a lifelong Fjallraven fan!