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We review the G-1000 equipped Skogso Padded Jacket from Fjallraven
Overall Score
Fantastic build quality and great looks

The Skogso Padded jacket from Fjallraven is a lightly padded winter jacket with a synthetic G-Loft Supreme fill and G-1000 outer material.

The Skogso is a heavyweight jacket and as such is more suited to use as a general outdoor lifestyle jacket rather than as a utilitarian outdoors tool, it's so beautifully made and stylish that you wouldn't want to scuff it up anyway.

In typical British cold weather the synthetic fill keeps you warm but you still need to layer up to stay warm in minus figures. Breathability is surprisingly good considering the general heft of the jacket and we're yet to feel overly stifled when wearing it.

We're big fans of the G-1000 fabric that's been put to so many uses by Fjallraven and are glad that this jacket uses it. It has a modicum of water resistance as it comes from the factory but if you want more simply lather on some Greenland Wax, as the weather starts to turn you can wash it back out again to gain more breathability.

The hood on the jacket is padded which makes it nice and warm whilst also providing a bit of extra protection from the rain. The pockets are typical of this type of jacket - being many and cavernous.

If you want a well-made jacket that will stand the test of time, keep you warm and relatively dry and be stylish to boot then it's well worth considering the Skogso.

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