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We review Fjallraven's Vidda Pro trousers to see if their reputation as rugged and practical trekking trousers is well-deserved.

Overall Score
Durable build and good weather resistance
A little warm and heavy for summer use



Fjallraven makes a bewildering selection of legwear, and the Vidda Pro are likely the flagship pair - in terms of quality and price. The focus of the brand in general is on durable practicality, and if you like to get out trekking in rough terrain in the UK and abroad then these trousers are very much aimed at you.

These are not the most technical trousers out there - they're aimed more at wilderness users than alpinists, but what they are is tough and dependable, which the 540g weight rating hints at. That's mainly thanks to the proprietary G-1000 fabric (a polyester/cotton mix), which is hardwearing and gives good wind and water resistance and dries relatively quickly too. It is, however, perhaps too warm a material to use in high summer conditions.

Comfort levels are good, although there are more supple options available. There are no ankle zips, but the leg ends are adjustable with three different settings of tightness. Reinforcements are well placed, with the seat and the knees being given a double layering of the same G-1000 fabric. There's no protection for crampons here, but that's to be expected.

There are six pocket options, and they're quite an eclectic bunch. You have two standard hand pockets, which are deep and useful but not protected by a zip or any other fastening (these aren't climbing trousers, after all). Then come the three thigh pockets. On the right is a very sizeable poppered option with an internal stretch pouch. On the left is smaller poppered option built on top of an impressively (and again poppered) map pocket. How much you use these will depend on your tolerance for carrying potentially irksome items on your legs and thighs.

The last pocket option is on the outer left thigh - a slender storage space that opens at both ends and which we assume to be the 'axe pocket', although we have not used it for this purpose (or at all). Overall the pockets aren't particularly secure and we found items of any weight (such as a phone) to be undesirably loose in them - but maps and compasses and such worked fine.

The waist is quite generous and there's no belt included, so you'll have to provide your own.

In conclusion: a rough and tough pair of wilderness trekking trousers with some interesting design touches. They will appeal most to non-technical outdoor users with an eye for Fjallraven's classic styling.








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