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Somewhere between a jersey and a jacket, this C5 Windstopper long sleeve jersey offers plenty protection either way. We reviewed its performance out on the roads and trails.

gore c5 windstopper jersey
Best for...
Pulling it on in Autumn and not taking it off until Spring
Overall Score
Thin and fitting, unrestrictive yet warm

There was some argument among testers about whether this all-over Windstopper jersey should actually have been included in the jacket category. With a full zip and softshell fabric it could easily have been, but Gore classify it as a jersey so that is good enough for us.

Regardless of label, this is one classy piece of kit. As with all Gore clothing the fit is superb, and that is what really makes the C5 shine. That close fit excludes any excess air pockets, places where you would otherwise get cold spots and water vapour may condense before leaving the jersey membrane. Squeezing those gaps out gave us a jersey that needed far fewer insulating layers on cold days than any similar jacket or jersey, and we frequently took on temperatures around freezing with only a thick base layer underneath. It never let us down.

Little details like the sculpted neoprene collar, cut low round the back of the neck for a cycling stance, sealed it all up nicely when zipped up, but allowed plenty ventilation when pulled open. The three pockets on the back sat above a deep drop-tail, so the coverage was always great too.

Quality doesn't come cheap, but we have got far more money worth out of the C5 than £160, wearing it on pretty much every ride from October through to April. Looking at it that way it doesn't seem half as bad value.




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