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Testing the Gore Wear C7 Windstopper Pro Zip-Off meant battling through rain, hail and shine to really take this versatile jersey through its paces.
gore weargore c7 windstopper pro zip off jersey
Best for...
Using year round in cool climates
Overall Score
Far more protective than other jerseys, a true all year wardrobe staple
Pricey - but ultimately worth it.

£190 for a jersey we hear you cry? Well, to be fair to the C7 Windstopper Pro Zip-Off it does walk a tightrope between the jersey and jacket definition so really is much more functional and protective than the jersey label might suggest. With zip-off sleeves it also sports a level of temperature versatility not seen on jackets, so it is certainly worth a look.

Constructed of top notch, stretchy Gore Windstopper to a perfect fit, we now consider it an essential item for all our cool conditions riding, whether mountain biking, road or touring. We regularly ride with it and a baselayer underneath in temperatures down to about freezing point where it not only keeps us at a perfect temperature but also shrugs off light showers with its water-resistant fabric and taped seams. It's noticeable how much we stay on the move while others perform the waterproof on/off dance at the road or trail side. An excellent, supportive trio of pockets at the rear take all our spares and shells, while a further zipped pocket is good for securing bank cards or phones.

The only problem we have had with similar Gore Windstopper jerseys has been the front zip, the failure of which wrote off our last one. It always seemed quite light, so it was great to see Gore have kept their eye on the ball and replaced it with a much chunkier model on this generation.

Is it worth the salty price tag? With the versatility, fit and protection seeing it in use for the bulk of the year across all riding disciplines, we think yes.

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