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We review the Haglöfs Essens Mimic Jacket mid-layer which is equipped with their own Quadfusion synthetic insulation.

essens mimic
Overall Score
Excellent fit, warm and stylish
Not ideal for highly aerobic activities

The Essens Mimic jacket is quilted with Haglof's own Quadfusion synthetic insulation which they claim emulates the best aspects of down while retaining heat for longer when wet. It has a DWR treated wind resistant Pertex Microlight face fabric, articulated sleeves and Polartec Powerstretch shoulder inserts. The Essens Mimic is available in both a hooded and hoodless version (we tested the hoodless) and comes in a range of 2-tone colours.

The jacket was tested in all weathers from freezing cold to pelting rain and the most notable fact taken away from this is the level of warmth generated by the Quadfusion insulation.

Haglöfs claim that their insulation stays warm even when wet and having been caught in downpours most fully waterproof jackets would struggle with, and getting drenched in sweat cycling, the Essens Mimic surprised us by keeping the warmth in, even for extended periods.

The flip side of all this toasty warmth is a lack of breathability during rigorous bursts of activity, if you're going to be working up a sweat during your chosen activity we'd recommend a less padded mid-layer with more stretch panelling to help with ventilation.

The Pertex face material is surprisingly durable having stood up to the abuse of woodland walking and has so far survived many a fight with rogue pointy branches.

The jacket also washes well, having followed the care instructions the Mimic came up looking like new and free from any noticeable drop in performance following a month of almost solid wear.

We loved the fit and finish of the Mimic, the light weight and well thought out design making it very easy to live with. The side pockets are spacious and are situated behind the insulating layer so double up as hand warmers, and there's also a good-sized chest pocket.

As a bonus the jackets simple styling makes for a great casual 'around town' jacket where other outdoor jackets might not fit the bill.

Aside from the breathability the only negative we can find in the Essens Mimic is the lack of pocket stuff sack which would have been the proverbial icing on the cake.

In all, this is a superb jacket with very little to complain about. If you're planning on aerobic exercise in mild weather, then perhaps look for something more dedicated to that purpose but for all other winter purposes we can't find fault. Several weeks down the line, this is still our go-to jacket when we're heading out into the hills.

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