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Lightweight, minimalist, ultra packable and technical - the waterproof L.I.M Proof Jacket from Haglofs promises much but does it have enough 'beef' to deal with a challenging day's hillwalking in the UK?
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Best for...
Speed demons looking for a breathable waterproof layer to use across a range of activities
Overall Score
Great range of colour choices available to cater for all tastes
Minimal storage with just one smartphone-sized zippered chest pocket

The L.I.M Series from Haglofs is all about minimalism. The Less Is More range is made up of ultra-light gear designed to facilitate speed in the outdoors and the L.I.M Proof Jacket we tested is a perfect example of the Swedish brand's commitment to producing stripped back, high performance kit.

The first thing you'll notice about that L.I.M Proof Jacket is the total lack of bells and whistles. If you're partial to pit zips, adjustable helmet-compatible hoods, and multiple fancy storage solutions then look away now. The concept is Less Is More - remember?

What the L.I.M Proof Jacket may lack in zips and pockets, it more than makes up for where it really matters - ie actual performance on the hill. As a lightweight breathable and waterproof jacket, the L.I.M Proof is the perfect layer to carry with you on a spring/summer adventure in the mountains. It takes up next to no space in your pack and the stretchy 40D 2.5 layer PROOF fabric moves with you as you progress whilst keeping you protected from the wind and rain.

In terms of breathability, the L.I.M Proof Jacket does a decent job of regulating body temperature. It may not be a world class, jaw dropping performance but when you consider that this is a £140 jacket, it's pretty much spot on. Pit zips might help increase breathability, but this would obviously add more weight and fuss to this streamlined uncomplicated bit of kit.

At 215g, the L.I.M Proof Jacket may not be the world's lightest waterproof but it's certainly still a feathery piece. This makes it an ideal choice for almost every outdoor sport where heart rates are raised and speed is the goal. From fast hiking to mountain running, from ski touring to mountain biking, the L.I.M Proof Jacket is more than applicable across the board.

The final feature worthy of note is the eco credentials of the L.I.M Proof Jacket. You've probably heard about PFCs - those nasty little, environmentally unfriendly chemicals traditionally used in a wide variety of waterproof outdoor clothing that have been found to have damaging effects on the environment. If so, you'll be reassured to hear that the DWR used on the L.I.M Proof Jacket is fluorocarbon-free.

If you're looking for a lightweight summer waterproof that will work for a wide variety of sports, the L.I.M Proof is well worth a look. It's not the lightest, most breathable or most robust jacket but if you wear it for its intended purpose and keep the price you paid in mind you'll be very happy with your choice.

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