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Does a 'classic' fleece stand up to modern requirements? We test the Haglofs Pile Hood to find out.
haglofs pile hood
Overall Score
Incredibly warm and ten out of ten for cosy
Snagged stitching

Part of Haglofs trekking range, the Pile Hood is ideal for any number of cold weather activities, and equally for evenings around campfires. High loft Polartec pile fleece weighs in at 655g in size large, and despite the relative bulk of a pile, is cut to allow layering.

Pile is a bit of a throwback when compared to sleek, shiny, minimalist fleeces favoured by alpinists and the like. But when you need to warm up, it can't be beaten.

The high loft in this hoody gives more warmth than any fleece we've tested, and no synthetic insulation can compete in terms of soft, comforting cosiness.

Haglofs haven't ignored the more modern wants either; hand warmer pockets double as ventilation, sleeves are articulated for movement, and seams are offset and flatlocked for layering and pack-carrying comfort. It may look old-school, but the Pile Hood has all the features you need whilst still keeping weight to a minimum.

Haglofs call it 'low bulk' but it will always be a bit more chunky than a Polartec PowerStretch or similar - that's a trade off that is quite easy to make when the high loft warmth-to-weight ratio is factored in.

There is a design flaw that irritates; the burly teeth of the pocket zippers have a tendency to snag on the sleeve stitching when left unzipped. It might seem minor to some, but we don't want our clothing to pull itself apart!

Other than the snagging, the Pile Hood is hard to fault. Some may not like the pilling, but it goes with the territory of a super-snugly material. Visually it may have a Marmite effect, depending on whether you want to look (and feel) like a teddy bear. We love it.

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