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We test the Leatt DBX 2.0 Jersey to see if this innocuous looking t-shirt really can utilise technical fabrics to hold its own in the mountain bike world.

leatt dbx
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So casual looking and yet so technical

Designed by Leatt, a company that specialises in neck braces and body armour, it is no surprise that this innocuous looking t-shirt is hiding some technical features. Super-stretchy Rayon fabric makes up the bulk of the construction while a MoistureCool mesh rear panel assists with ventilation. The crew neck and snug fit are designed to be used with their neck brace and body armour, but to be equally happy without.

One of the beauties of this short sleeved jersey is its ability to look and feel like a normal t-shirt, despite being a highly technical fabric. We have worn it both on and off the bike with no eyebrows being raised, a fact that makes it invaluable on bike tours or longer trips away from home where items of clothing with more than one use are like gold dust. One item that does two jobs means one item can be left at home.

The stretch and fit is nothing short of excellent, close fitting without being claustrophobic, while the mesh back does an excellent job of reducing sweat build up and removing excess heat when working hard.

The DBX 2.0 is designed for use with Leatt neck braces and body armour for downhill, but we never used it with either and it didn't detract from what is otherwise a great jersey in its own right, as happy with general trail riding as we did to bike touring with a casual look and feel that transferred easily to the pub or cafe.

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