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A different take on the waterproof jacket, we test if the soft-feel of the Lusso Aqua Extreme Repel jacket still delivers weather proofing on the road.

Overall Score
Wonderfully warm feeling with the fleece backing, rarely feeling clammy.
The snug fit means you are restricted in how much you can pull on underneath.

Lusso have taken a slightly different slant on the waterproof jacket with the Aqua Extreme, employing wonderfully soft feeling, fleece backed Windtex Storm Shield as the base fabric as opposed to more traditional, thin waterproof offerings.

It feels superbly comfortable on, with the jacket's close fit helped no end by the four way stretch.

We love the way the snug fit, high fleece backed neck and elasticated wrists all combine to keep draughts at a minimum, and as a result it is a staple of our road biking wardrobe for chilly morning rides. Throw a base layer underneath and we are happy down to around freezing or slightly below, but the beauty of the stretchy construction is we can also fit another layer underneath when required to boost the temperature capabilities.

On paper the Windtex isn't the most breathable fabric out there, but that fleece back makes up for a lot, meaning the Aqua Extreme rarely feels clammy or wet in practice.

Three traditionally placed pockets stretch across the base of the back offering secure storage without too much stretch or sag, and the bright neon orange is one of the most strikingly high-viz colours we have come across.

The colour adds confidence on murky winter days and, with the acres of reflectives behind the shoulders, pockets and even hem, this would be a superb commuting jacket too. It is warm, close fitting and practical - we liked it a lot.







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