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With warm fleece fabric and a water repellent finish these tights sound ideal for UK winters. We review their performance through some typical Scottish weather off season.

lusso repel bibtights
Overall Score
Fitted, stretchy and fleece backed - a very cosy pair of winter tights
Don't expect them to be waterproof

When the winter closes in there is nothing that helps you get out the door more than a cosy pair of bibtights. Zip them up and you often feel invincible to the conditions. These Layla Repel bibtights from Lusso go one step further from tights by adding a water repellant finish to the Roubaix type fabric - a soft and stretchy material with brushed fleece inner face. Footloops and a long front zip help with logistics, and there are one or two feminine accents around to lift the look.

The first thing we noticed when pulling these tights on was the fact that there is nothing to tell you they are water resistant. No shell fabric, no membranes, just normal and very comfortable thick Roubaix material. That is great news as often tights with membrane panels or other waterproofing can be stiff and poorly fitting. These definitely aren't that.

They fit a treat, with no discomfort from seams and a set of wide bib straps that fit very comfortably over the chest. This high cut and warm material means they are very cosy indeed, and to that end we have struggled to use them beyond 6 or 7 degrees, above which point they can get just too hot. But when the temperature does drop there has been a veritable scramble from testers to get them on.

Water resistance wise they have proven they can keep out drizzle and even light showers, with the water beading up and running off readily. Hit them with bigger splashes or heavier raindrops and it will pass through, so don't buy them assuming you will be kept dry in all conditions.

The chamois pad was excellent too, but it is worth noting they are available without a pad if you would prefer - a good option if you would rather wear your own favourite shorts underneath or if going on tour where they could be worn a few days in a row, only changing the shorts underneath.

With the last tester to hand them back describing them as 'just lovely,' you know they are good, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone that feels the cold, or just trains right through any conditions. A wonderful fit and cosy coverage make them a winter staple.







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