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The Santini Wool Tech Tee looks like a standard t-shirt at first glance, so we test its mettle as a baselayer

santini wool techtee
Best for...
Cool weather sports
Overall Score
Great fit and performance fabric
High neck and arms

Masquerading as a normal t-shirt, we have found ourselves wearing the Santini Wool Tech just about everywhere, on and off the bike. A clean and close fit has made it a pleasure to wear, with the part merino wool, part synthetic blend fabric pleasantly soft and yielding yet warm and comfortable when on. In fact most testers believed it was pure merino until they were told otherwise - a testament to the feel and quality of the tee.

We have used it in a variety of situations, from underneath a cycling jersey in mild conditions to the bottom rung of a multi-layer system on very cold days in the saddle. In all situations it performed admirably, and it hasn't - yet - developed that particular base layer smell we all dread. It also dried extremely quickly every time it got damp or was washed - a boon for travelling with.

Some commented on the high neck and arms, but it seemed to be something they quickly got used to and forgot, so couldn't have been that critical, but everyone raved about the long body that never rode up when in action.

Of course, being Santini, the construction and material quality are second to none so this is just an all round performing t-shirt that is useful far beyond the bike.


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