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We put the Skins DNAmic compression men's long sleeve top to the test.

skins long sleeve top
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Skins claim that their new DNAmic range 'helps you to perform better for longer and recover faster'. The DNAmic men's long sleeve top certainly feels like a slick technical garment but that's a bold claim so how well do they perform in reality?

We naturally approached this review with a certain amount of scepticism, mainly due to us being grumpy old men and having put countless 'amazing clothing technologies' to the test in the past, often finding that they provide little to no real-world benefits.

We were, however pleasantly surprised by the Skins garments as they certainly feel like they work as intended.

The science behind the DNAmic top is based on 'Dynamic Gradient Compression' which increases oxygen delivery to active muscles while in motion and reduces lactic-acid build-up for more power and less recovery time.

In use they feel taught but still allow for freedom of movement with plenty of articulation around all the major joints. They feel very supportive around the core and back without feeling claustrophobic, much like a second skin which holds everything in place allowing you to carry out your activity with more confidence and potentially for longer before you start to feel fatigued.

The internal silicone gripper on the hem and cuffs familiar to those in the cycling world keeps the top firmly in place and the 50+ UV protection ensures that the top can be worn on its own without letting any harmful rays through.

Although the DNAmic compression range has a tighter knit than other base layers we've tested they still wick moisture away from the body reasonably well, something that's vital when you're operating in the sweat zone for long periods of time.

They're neither warm nor cold to wear so they aren't a replacement for a classic base layer but as a layer for activities where performance is key we highly recommend them.

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