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Recovery is a hot topic amongst cycling aficionados, do the RY400 recovery pants from Skins do the trick? We test them to find out.

skins ry400 recovery tights
Overall Score
They actually work!

If you don't fancy giving yourself an ice bath after a serious day in the saddle then you may want to consider trying Skins new RY400 recovery tights.

They work in much the same way as Skins compression garments but with a more comfortable fit and softer, lighter materials. We found ourselves easily able to spend the recommended 3 hours in them without feeling stifled or uncomfortable, in fact, dare I say it they felt quite 'nice'.

If you've just ridden the Col de l'Herpie and are likely to wake up the next day walking like John Wayne then you could go as far as sleeping in them to maximise the recovery benefits.

We found a noticeable difference in next day DOMS pain after a very familiar ride the day before. If you're on a cycling holiday and have to get up the next day and do it all again then this is a very attractive proposition.

The price is high but anything that reduces pain by this much tends to be worth it!

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