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Arriving at camp sweaty and chilled there is nothing like unwrapping an insulated jacket to step into for warmth. We review the Sweet Protection Nutshell to see if it is the perfect apres ride warmer.

sweet protection nutshell
Overall Score
An excellent, snug jacket that isn't afraid of water.
It is pricey for a synthetic jacket

The thing about bikepacking is that, without fail, when you arrive at camp for the evening you will be under dressed and quite possibly sweaty. Perfect conditions for getting chilled within minutes. Even a summer's evening in the UK can be cool enough to require a warm layer when relaxing after a hard day in the saddle and that is where a packable, insulated jacket comes in. Step up the Nutshell jacket. Rather than down it is filled with Primaloft Gold, an insulation that is not only compact and effective, but retains 96% of it's insulating properties when wet.

With a wonderfully long cut covering our backsides, a snug hood, two deep waist pockets and just the right amount of insulation to keep the chill at bay while stargazing with our last cuppa of the day, the Nutshell has very quickly become an expedition essential in our book. Even after a damp, dewy evening sitting out it is perfectly warm when our fellow campers in down jackets are beginning to suffer as their insulation feathers stick together and lose loft.

Lycra cuffs and adjustable elastic hem and collar all help to reduce any draughts, sealing in the warmth when pulled in, while breathable panels under the arm help the jacket breathe a little more freely.

It may not pack quite as small as a down jacket, but it isn't far off and the fact it can just soldier on even when packed and unpacked wet could be a trip saver. Also available in a women's cut, the Nutshell is a perfect apres-ride jacket whether at the campsite, or hitting the town.

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