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We test the X Bionic The Trick bib cycling shorts to see if they offer the premium performance and quality that the price tag suggests.

x bionic the trick bib shorts
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Technologies that genuinely work

If you like to buy the best and have the money to do it then the X Bionic bib shorts might be for you. At £180 they're pretty much without peers but the quality and technology arguably reflects that price tag.

The clever sweat technology is designed to stop you overheating, strangely by allowing a thin film of sweat to build up. This has a cooling effect, obviously if too much sweat pools you run the risk of getting cold, which is why any excess is guided through channels to zones where your muscles can benefit the most from the cooling effects of evaporation and wicked away. This certainly feels like it works, on the majority of rides body temperature is regulated extremely well, with the wicking properties of the Trick shorts being as good as any high end baselayer we've tested.

The lightweight, stretchy Polyamide material is comfortable to wear being soft and supple next to the skin and there's no unwanted chaffing or irritation from the bib straps. The legs on the Trick shorts are close fitting but not overly tight, and although there are no silicone grippers they stay where they should, as a person that isn't keen on the feeling of silicone grippers against the skin that's a welcome omission.

The seatpad is one of the most comfortable and well-fitting we've had the pleasure of using, it looks typically well engineered and anatomically shaped when compared to lesser quality bib shorts and provides just the right amount of padding with no catching or snagging.

X Bionic clothing is immediately recognisable thanks to all the technologies put in to the materials, the overall look of the Trick bib shorts works really well in our eyes in the black and anthracite colourway on test.

Overall the Trick bib shorts from X Bionic are a great example of premium quality cycling clothing done right.

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