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We review Anatom’s new hiking boot, the Q2 Classic, which aims to match traditional walking boot looks with bang-up-to-date technical performance

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Overall Score
Traditional leather looks with lightweight modern feel and performance
Traditional looks might not appeal to everyone

The traditional walking boot is brown leather, laced up and heavy soled to cope with day-in-day out trail bashing. Sturdy, solid build and comfort that you’re expected to earn by ‘wearing in’ is the order of the day.

In looks at least, Anatom’s Q2 Classic appears to conform to this type. But that’s where it stops. The instant you slot your foot into one of these boots it feels as if it’s found a place of high-quality comfort – not a smothering, restrictive comfort but a light, airy, performance protection.

This inner luxury is no doubt thanks to Anatom’s own breathable, lightly padded Hydrophobic Interface One material lining, which is in turn protected by a water-proof, breathable membrane called tri.aria, and finally an outer skin of 2.5 mm full grain Italian leather.

The combination of light, moisture-wicking inners and thin but tough natural leather outer makes for a supremely comfortable and sweat-free boot.

Inside, extra cossetting is thanks to a soft, supple and padded calfskin inner collar, which extends around the whole circumference of the boot and tongue from the top of the heel upwards.

The Q2’s closure system is traditional laces and loops for the upper foot, with lace hooks from the ankle up, allowing the right amount of tension in the right places – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

The tongue opening itself is a wonderful design, which many will simply take for granted, simply because it works so well with the laces. Wide calfskin gussets keep water out by bonding the tongue to the rest of the uppers but still letting the tongue pivot fully forwards so the boot opens right up when you want to take your foot out.

If you’ve got stiff hips or tight hamstrings or just don’t like tugging at muddy laces after a long walk, this alone is reason enough to buy the Q2.

The shape is spot on too, with a supportive heel cup that keeps your foot planted in the boot, and a roomy toe enclosure.

Underneath a Vibram Grivola outsole gives decent traction on all surfaces except ice, in all conditions, as well as the same amount of toe flex regardless of shoe size.

Anatom recommends treating the Q2s with Nikwax’s re-waterproofing products over time but we can’t see this being a problem, as you’re going to want these light, comfortable, fantastic value boots to last for ever.

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