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New from Berghaus, the Supalite II GTX walking boot is aimed squarely at lightweight hikers.

berghaus supalite ii gtx
Best for...
Hikers looking for a dependable classic leather boot with modern lightweight values
Overall Score
Lightweight and supple which will have you dancing around the trails
Limited amount of ankle support

Berghaus claim that being lightweight the Supalites will provide all-day wearing comfort. The old adage, coined by the American military that 'a pound on your feet is equal to five pounds on your back' applies here, all things being equal, the lighter the footwear the more comfortable your hike is likely to be.

The Supalite II boots are a middling performer in this regard, they aren't 'Supalite' on paper but bear in mind that energy return, weight distribution and flexibility of the upper and sole unit all have their part to play in the overall feel and effectiveness of your footwear and Berghaus have succeeded in blending a fair few of these elements together.

Everything in the Supalites has been pared down to the essentials without compromising on comfort. The leather is thin and has a lot of movement in it from the get-go, this makes it lovely to wear and offers freedom of movement that's unexpected, but relatively low levels of support to the ankle. Being a long-time wearer of trail running and lightweight trail walking shoes for hiking, this doesn't bother me too much, but if you're used to stiffer boots it might take a little time to adjust.

The EVA midsole manages shock absorption well, as well as giving something back when you roll off the forefoot, this reduces fatigue on longer hikes. The Vibram XS Trek Supalite outsole has anti-clogging properties with well-spaced lugs shaped in a mud shedding pattern. The lugs are fantastic for wading through deep mud and grip is decent on mixed terrain and when climbing and descending slopes.

The open lacing eyelets extend right down to the junction between ankle and foot allowing you to open the top of the boot up quickly and easily and, being soft and supple the leather conforms well to your foot so tweaking the fit is very easy.

The leather used is durable given the right levels of post walk care, and although not as effective as a full rubber rand, the small toe bumper is well placed, protecting the very front of the boot from scuffs.

Berghaus have clearly put effort into striking a balance between weight and comfort in the Supalite II boots and this seems to have paid off to a degree, the result is a boot that is as light and nimble as a shoe while still offering a modicum of protection to the ankle.

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