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We put the Kursk TR Sneaker, from Chrome Industries, to the test on a cycling trip in Austria - would the shoes be worth packing?

Chrome Kursk TR
Best for...
Cycling travellers, looking for versatility
Overall Score
Versatile enough to wear off the bike
A little on the heavy side for packing

Chrome Industries have made their name producing quality kit for urban cyclists. For a leisurely journey down the Danube, the Kursk TR Sneakers' urban heritage appeared to offer just what we needed, so we put them to the test.

For the active traveller, versatility is a key requirement in kit. Why pack two pairs of shoes when one will do? Granted, if we were slogging up alpine passes day in day out, we'd consider something specialist. But for a multi-day jaunt along the gently-descending Danube - and the Viennese beer halls and restaurants that awaited - something with crossover appeal was in order.

Enter the Kursk TR Sneaker. On paper it had the chops to get the pedalling done - Panaracer rubber on the sole, a roomy toebox for comfort, and Chrome's Powerplate technology (more on that below). But crucially, that urban heritage has added something that can seem a little bit alien to many cycling shoe brands - they look cool. The Kursk TR is low key enough to wear to dinner, stylish enough for the bar and comfy enough to explore the city in.

One slight caveat here - it's not the comfiest walk-around shoe you've ever worn. The Powerplate tech, while brilliant at transition all your energy into the pedal, is a little too stiff for hours of city sightseeing. But versatility means compromise, and as with all shoes, the feel is just something you have to get used to.

We didn't test the shoes long-term so as with all grippy, soft-rubber footwear, there's a chance the soles might not last your whole lifetime. But the flipside is they are very effective at sticking to your pedals!

The only other negative is that they're a pretty weighty shoe, at least in part due to that stiff nylon shank. But again, here is the compromise. You can wear the same shoe all day on the bike and still feel smart enough for your evening's entertainment, so look at it this way - a heavy pair of shoes is still lighter than two pairs of shoes.

In conclusion; top quality, great looking and versatile shoes, ideal for the travelling cyclist.

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