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The Feline SL is back! Having run our very first mountain marathon in the original Feline SL shoe, we were excited to see the reappearance of this speed demon in Dynafit's alpine running collection.
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Fast and light mountain runners looking for a precise, grippy shoe for alpine adventures
Overall Score
A really lightweight yet robust and rugged shoe built for speed in the mountains
This is an alpine running shoe. Don't expect to experience its full potential on a Park Run.

The new Feline SL (SL = SuperLight) alpine running shoe is a fast and light specialist built to endure. Weighing in at 500g per pair, the Feline SL is clearly a speed-oriented shoe, but it's capable of way more than a lightweight performance.

Fans of the first Feline SL will be delighted to hear that the new version of the shoe is more or less identical to the original. The colours have changed but other than that, it's simply a case of Dynaft reintroducing an old favourite that has been on sabbatical for the last couple of seasons.

The focus here is on the ability to adapt to the ever-changing mountain environment. Running at speed over long distances takes you from muddy low altitude river trails, up through soft mountain pastures then onwards to the summit over precipitous rocky ridges before descending back down steep scree slopes to the valley floor.

The Feline SL has been built to respond to the varying demands of the trail and has been meticulously designed to deliver maximum mountain functionality. The MULTIPAD midsole is made up of independent units that allow the shoe to adapt to the specific demands of each section of the trail and the Vibram Alpine outsole offers an impressively stable, grippy and durable ride.

The ballistic bumper not only sounds brilliant, but it also does a fine job of protecting the toe and heel of the shoe from knocks and scrapes. Just one run in loose scree and over rocky terrain can be the kiss of death for a surprising amount of off road shoes so it's good to see Dynafit making durability a priority in the Feline SL.

In terms of fit and feel, the combined 8mm drop and precision fit make the Feline SL best suited to those who like to feel the trail beneath their feet but don't want full exposure to the physical toll that other more minimalist alpine running shoes can have on the body. Snug is the word here and the last is definitely best suited to those with low volume and narrow feet.

The ORTHOLITE footbed with memory foam is one of the best and most comfortable out-of-the box footbeds we've seen but those with problem feet may still want to use their own custom footbeds. Similarly, the quick lacing system will work for some and not others. If you dig the one-pull efficiency and easy storage of speed lacing systems then great, but if not simply cut and replace with wider, normal laces et voila - you're good to go.

If you're looking for waterproof protection then there's a Gore-Tex version of the Feline SL that fits the bill. Personally we tend to avoid Gore-Tex running shoes as summer alpine running can be a hot affair so breathability is a priority over waterproof protection, if you've ever run long distances in 35+ degrees you'll know what we're talking about...

At £135, the Feline SL isn't cheap but you're looking at a niche product that's been built with a specific environment in mind. If you're serious about your mountain running and looking to travel at speed in rugged alpine terrain, then this could well be the shoe for you.

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