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We put Giro's new wet-weather trail shoe, the Terraduro Mid mountain bike shoes to the test

giro terraduro mid spd mountain bike shoe
Overall Score
Excellent water resistance for cold, wet trails
This is no lightweight trail racing shoe



The Terraduro Mid is the sturdy, more rubust version of Giro's Terraduro mountain bike shoes, designed to protect your feet from the rigours of wet-weather trail riding.

Instead of the two Velcro straps and a ratchet strap closure on the regular Terraduro model, the mid has conventional laces covered by a broad flap closed with a Velcro tab on the outside of the foot. This flap does a great job of keeping the weather out of the shoe but it's also the subject of our only quibble - always wanting to spring back into place, it makes doing up the laces a bit of a fiddle!

Behind this is an asymmetrical cuff, with a high padded inner to protect your vulnerable ankle from strikes on the bike when rushing to get your foot back on the pedal. On the outside the cuff rises to the same height but with a highly breathable Airprene ankle instead of padding. The toebox is protected by a high, stiff toe bumper.

On the trail the Terraduro Mids are stiff and efficient, thanks to a no-nonsense nylon shank bonded to an aggressively lugged Vibram rubber sole that grips well over rocks.

Considering the stiffness of their shoes and the form-holding Evo Fibre fabric that their uppers are made of, the Terraduro Mids are surprisingly comfortable both riding and walking. This comfort is helped by a medium but noticeable amount of arch support from the footbed, as well as a flexible forefoot zone for walking and holes in the toe box and sides for a modicum of airflow.

The Terraduro Mids are no XC racer slippers but if you want a tough, rock solid, trail shoe for shrugging off the dirt and water ingress of wet winter rides, they could be for you.









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