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When it comes to on trail comfort, the Haglofs Roc Claw Mid GT is an instantly memorable hiking boot.

haglofs roc claw mid ladies
Best for...
Regular mountain missions in average terrain where comfort and grip are the main priority.
Overall Score
Trainer levels of comfort in a super grippy mountain shoe with ankle support.
Just one colour option available

As soon as you slip your feet into the Roc Claw Mid GT there's a feeling of overwhelming relief. Weighing in at 275g per boot, they're both light and instantly comfortable thanks to the combination of the GORE-TEX Extended Comfort liner, soft suede upper, supportive Solyte midsole and springy Ortholite footbed.


Finding an automatically comfortable mid can be a hit and miss affair. Many boots in this category often require a decent wearing in phase to soften the boot around the ankle area but this is definitely not the case with the Roc Claw Mid GT which feels soft and forgiving from the off.


Once you get over just how comfortable these boots are, you'll be delighted to see that they're also designed for practical mountain use. The toe and heel of the boot have been rubber-reinforced to deliver protection and durability where it's needed most, and the gusseted tongue does a similarly fine job of keeping the effects of the trail at bay by ensuring grit, water and small rocks stay on the outside of the boot.


So far so good, but where the Roc Claw Mid GT really comes into its own is when things get slippery out on the trail. The WET Grip Rubber outsole provides impressive traction when travelling in wet conditions and rocky terrain and is sticky enough to make easy scrambles a breeze.


If you're looking for parameters to help define the functionality of the Roc Claw Mid GT then gnarly technical terrain like rocky ridges are probably a step too far as this is not a particularly stiff shoe. Muddy bogs and deep water are also off limits because while the Roc Claw Mid GTs are waterproof and the GORE-TEX membrane will keep your feet dry, they are a mid, rather than a full hiking boot.


When it comes to fit, the best way to describe the Roc Claw Mid GT is 'normal'. The toe box is average width and we believe they will fit the vast majority of foot shapes, as long as your feet are not on the extreme end of skinny, narrow or wide.


At £140, the Roc Claw Mid GT is neither eye-wateringly expensive or jaw-droppingly cheap - a more than acceptable price for a boot that will deliver all-day comfort and support in a wide variety of terrain.

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