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The Strive - Haglof's super light hiking shoe - is tested and reviewed on the trail.
haglofs strive
Best for...
Minimalists; whether hikers or travellers
Overall Score
As comfy and light as slippers
Comes up a little short for the size

Designed for light and fast trekking, the Strive from Haglofs boasts a great deal of tech which adds up to virtually nothing - it weighs in at a mere 260 grams per shoe.

The lack of weight is borderline impossible. The Strive almost doesn't exist; we have slippers that weigh more. And that are less comfortable. The feel on the foot is genuinely astonishing, and is enhanced by the crazy breathability. The largely mesh upper - which extends through the tongue too - is so tissue-thin that you can feel the slightest breeze as though you're wearing sandals.

The down side is for all the comfort out-of-the-box, there is something uncomfortable about the lack of support when out on the trail. Despite Haglof's claims of an 'external heel counter' for support, it does not feel like a solid platform to walk on in tricky terrain.

But weightloss is a compromise, and fast and light converts may need little encouragement to throw these in a pack - they'll make barley a dent in your baggage allowance!

The GEL cushioning in the heel does it's job well, as does the Wet Grip rubber of the outsole (which is also shaped for natural foot motion). The garish yellow may not be ideal for the discreet traveller, but the GoreTex version (Strive GT) is much more understated - doubtless with some compromise to breathability though.

Not a 'do-it-all' shoe, but certainly worth throwing in a suitcase for the occasional easy hike, and at a reasonable price point for that purpose.

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