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The Leather Mid WP is the most durable shoe in KEEN's women's specific Terradora range and has been built to stand the test of trail time.

Best for...
Female hikers looking to expand their hiking horizons and go further into technical terrain
Overall Score
Narrower than most KEEN shoes equals a precision fit
Colours feel a touch old fashioned

The Terradora Leather Mid WP from KEEN will appeal to female off-road enthusiasts looking for an instantly comfortable, instantly supportive, low-profile 'performance hiking shoe'.


The Leather Mid WP version we tested is one of five shoes in the Terradora collection - an enormously popular range of women-only, low level hiking shoes that continues to expand and grow from strength to strength.


The Leather Mid WP is the most expensive shoe in the Terradora family because it is the most durable. Whilst the entire range has been designed to inspire women to get outdoors no matter the weather, the Leather Mid WP will be the Terradora of choice for those looking to push the range to the max and venture into reasonably technical off-road terrain.


The waterproof nubuck leather has been designed to keep the trail where it belongs - on the outside of the boot. Protection, durability and quality are the key words here. We took the Terradora Leather Mid WPs out for a spin on a wet Highland day and found they stood up surprisingly well to the challenging conditions underfoot.


We say 'surprisingly' because they're just so comfortable that you'd be forgiven for thinking that they're really just a park trail type shoe mais non, this boot is definitely fit for purpose. Support was there in droves thanks to the ESS stability shank and the all-terrain rubber outsole delivered decent grip in the wet. Most importantly though, the boot itself stood up to the demands of rocks, roots and mud and didn't look knackered at the end of the day, unlike us!


AT 399g, the Leather Mid WP may be the burliest boot in the range, but it still sits firmly in the lightweight hiker category, which means that you shouldn't expect them to take you to the summit of Mont Blanc or on a long trek into Everest basecamp. Their DNA is all about the trail so if you're looking for an uber comfortable, supportive hiking mid designed to last the off-road pace then be sure to consider the Terradora Leather Mid WP.

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