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The new Kaptiva from La Sportiva on test is a great looking, lightweight trail shoe designed for medium-to-long distance running.
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Best for...
Anyone looking for a lightweight, technical trail running shoe that's actually got decent durability credentials
Overall Score
Mega comfortable, light and responsive shoe designed to last the pace
Be sure to try before you buy as fit runs small

If you're fed of spanking uber amounts of cash on super feathery, technical trail running shoes that break down after just a few months of normal use, then the La Sportiva Kaptiva could well be the shoe for you.

Weighing in at 260g, the Kaptiva is definitely a light rig but thankfully it's one that's actually fit for purpose. Basically it's built for real runners rather than sponsored pros who are lucky enough to be able to pull on a brand new shoe every time they pop out to the shops.

We're big fans of La Sportiva shoes here at AT HQ as they tend to work well for our low volume, narrow feet and the Kaptiva is no exception. Immediately comfortable from the get-go, the Kaptiva offers a reassuringly precise fit but do make sure you try before you buy as La Sportiva shoes tend to run smaller than other brands. It's also worth mentioning that the Kaptiva offers notable arch support which will be ideal for more flat footed runners but may be too much for those with high arches.

Having tried many other La Sportiva models over the years including the sky-running optimised Bushido and ultra-motivated Akasha, we believe the Kaptiva fills the medium-to-long distance gap brilliantly. Just like the Bushido and Akasha, the Kaptiva has a middle of the road 6mm drop which will appeal to a majority of runners. The fact that it weighs considerably less than both the Bushido and Akasha only serves to extend its appeal.

Construction-wise, the Kaptiva is pure class. We love the secure sock-like fit which keeps the tongue stays in place no matter how fast you're firing through multiple switchbacks out on the trail. It also stops unwanted debris from getting inside meaning you can concentrate on the vertical task in hand rather than having to stop to pick twigs and grit out of your shoe.

The midsole offers bucket loads of cushioning and protection yet is still flexible enough that you can feel the trail underfoot - which is exactly what we look for in a mid-to-long distance mountain running shoe. The EVA and TPU stabilizers in the mid also mean the Kaptiva doesn't wash around and allow you to instantly change direction at speed.

Grip is equally impressive thanks to the Kaptiva's outsole with 4-5mm graduated lugs and Impact Brake System. Roots, rocks, mud or light scree, the Kaptiva adapts and adheres to a variety of terrain.

At £140, the Kaptiva is by no means cheap but if you're looking for a durable, versatile and high performance running shoe, it's well worth the investment.

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