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Salomon's legendary Speedcross shoe is back! Here's how the 5th generation of this classic went down, and up, and down again in our test...

salomon m speedcross 5 eggshelll blue
Best for...
A versatile shoe with broad appeal. Ideal for UK running with its muddy and soft off-road terrain.
Overall Score
A really comfortable shoe with bags of cushioning and protection.
The 10mm drop and sizeable cushioned heel may feel too substantial for some.

The original Salomon Speedcross was the first pair of trail running shoes we ever owned so we were intrigued to see how this firm favourite has evolved over the years.

The 5th generation of the Speedcross is a genuinely impressive shoe that hasn't strayed too far from its all-rounder roots. It still offers bags of protection and comfort but the latest version comes with improved fit, enhanced grip and added stability. We used to find the Speedcross a little sloppy in challenging terrain but we're happy to confirm this is no longer the case. From fast muddy downhill sections to technical hilly climbs, the Speedcross 5 feels way more precise and responsive than it's predecessor - a welcome evolution for sure!

A deeper heel unit is the key to the improved stability of the Speedcross 5. Larger, spacier lugs have enhanced off-road grip and push off-ability and a new welded upper offers slipper-like comfort and a more natural fit and feel. It all adds up to a vastly improved off-road ride yet the original DNA of the shoe remains the same. It's still mega cushioned, mega protective and it comes with a substantial 10mm heel-to-toe drop that you rarely see these days in comparable models from other brands.

As my own running has evolved from my early Speedcross days 14 years ago, I've moved further down the drop heights and now favour a 6mm drop that seems to provide the perfect balance between on-trail feel and cushioning for injury-prone limbs. Going back into a 10mm drop shoe took a little time to get used to initially but I really noticed the benefits the day after a long run.

Minimalist shoes are fab for super experienced, niggle-free runners but they can leave normal humans feeling more than a little tender after long outings. If you're prone to the much maligned heel strike then the Speedcross 5 has your back thanks to the EnergyCell midsole that offers a really springy ride and noticeable rebound. There was a noticeable reduction in soreness the day after running in the Speedcross 5 which was definitely appreciated and has provided much food for thought....

At £120, the Speedcross 5 is a premium off road shoe that is destined to attract new fans without isolating the original loyal following. If you get a chance, give it a try and let us know how you got on!

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