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our travelling experiences are almost by definition up close and personal, so don’t be scared of getting your camera right up to your subjects to capture that intimacy and detail. Pro photographer Jon Sparks has five top tips for taking great close up pictures.

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In the detail

Keep an eye open for small details, textures and incidentals: these add variety to your images and add depth to the story you’re telling.


Don’t flash

Again, know how to turn off the flash. Built-in flash is often appalling for really close subjects.


Move closer

Be prepared to go in really close, to concentrate fully on the detail you’re interested in.


Know your stuff

Get to know how close your camera/lens combination will allow you to shoot.


Food forethought

Food, especially exotic or unusual food, is a favourite subject for close-up shots. Some cameras even have a special ‘Food’ mode. But be aware that some restaurants now ban diners taking photos of their meals, and that overdoing it (especially with flash) will annoy other diners.


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