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Camping in style has just been made easier than ever with the July launch of a revolutionary self-inflating trailer tent that looks set to give both traditional trailer tents and caravans a run for their money.

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The Air OPUS Inflating Camper trailer uses unique Air Pole technology to inflate the canopy in less than 90 seconds, doing away with familiar, but sometimes infuriating metal poles. 

An electric pump is fitted inside the camper. Just flip a switch on the camper, and the tent quickly inflates to a full-size camper. Taking down the Air OPUS Inflating Camper is just as quick and easy as setting it up. Simply release the air valves and the tent deflates on its own in seconds, ready to fold away.

The Air OPUS also has a stylish interior. There is a full-size kitchen with a stove, stainless steel sink and refrigerator. There is also heating, two bedrooms and a comfortable wrap-around seating area.

The AIR OPUS Camper is a great alternative to a caravan. It's lighter and more robust to tow, takes up less storage space, is quick to set up and gives much more space than a camper van.

The original unfolding Opus Camper – part of the Purple Line brand – was conceived to meet the needs of any of the UK’s 30 million car owners, and not just the UK’s 500,000 caravanners. It is small enough to tow like a trailer, but opens up at your destination into a large-sized caravan, with lots of natural light and an interior more at home in a yacht than a caravan.

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The Air OPUS takes that concept to the next level with its self-inflating Air Pole technology and has already won a string of design awards and nominations, including the Australian Good Design Awards.

The Air OPUS hits the digital shelves in late July, with pre-orders currently being taken. A further option to the Air OPUS will be the dedicated Full Awning, again using air pole technology. It will dramatically reduce setup time when travelling as a large party. It has fixed bed ends featuring roof and side windows in both bedroom areas, and a larger internal floor area than Opus’s standard pole awning.

Discover more by downloading the digital brochure and price list for AIR OPUS Lifestyle Packages at

And check out this YouTube video to see how it works.