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Take on a path less travelled as short breaks to Belarus become possible visa-free for 80 countries.

Government changes in Belarus have allowed the introduction of a five-day visa-free travel option for tourists, allowing a new glimpse into this relatively untouched European destination. 

Full of strong traditions and a history that encompasses everything from the Soviet regime to UNESCO World Heritage castles, Belarus’ fascinating story is best discovered by bike. There’s something for everyone to enjoy here, from leisurely rides through the stunning untouched wilderness of the Berezina Biospheric Reserve or Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park (home to over 300 species of animals and birds), to cycling through rolling fields and visiting medieval towns bursting with history.

Various tours and bikeways will allow you to fit Stalinist architecture, Grand Duchy forts and ancient forests into five days, and current developments are focusing on a network of six new routes specifically for sightseeing in Minsk, where you’ll find bustling city life with convenient cycle paths, allowing you to easily see the sights from two wheels.

The only stipulation on these visa-free short stays is that you must arrive and depart via Minsk airport, so get booking your tickets now!