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Scottish doctor and extreme runner Andrew Murray has run 2,660 miles from John O’Groats to the Sahara, seven ultra-marathons on seven continents in seven days, as well as up and down Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro… Now he’s running 100 miles from the Andes to the Amazon in one day

andrew murray

“Some people have joked that I’m only running 100 miles, and it’s downhill all the way! Which is true, but with a start at 5,897m and a temperature range of -20C to 28-30C, it’s going to quite a tough day!

I start at the top of Mt Cotopaxi in Ecuador, at about midnight on 14 June, so even before the run I’ll have to make the ascent, which is one of the world’s toughest in itself. I’ll be coming down off this massive glaciated mountain and then running through Volcano Alley, past 8 or 9 of the most impressive active volcanoes, passing close to the foot of the Tungurahua volcano near Banos, which erupted in April.

I’ll be traversing across very hilly terrain to the village of Banos and on down through the Avenue of Waterfalls to the Amazon jungle itself. It’s going to be pretty unrelenting and I’ll be a relieved and happy man if I can get to the finish!

One of the biggest challenges is the altitude – Cotopaxi’s summit is 5,897m, and it’s twice as difficult running at altitude above 4,000m as there’s about 40% of the oxygen at sea level.

In the jungle I’ll have to contend with extreme humidity too. I should learn quite a bit about the body’s ability to adapt to such changes. Yes, I’ll certainly be sore the next day!

But it’s going to be an incredible experience. Running is my form of transport, my form of adventure. I like to see places I haven’t seen before – and from a different angle! I’m also passionate about promoting the benefits of regular activity for all-round physical and mental health.

When I get back, as a doctor, I’ll be working with athletes for the Commonwealth Games and on the medical team for the Ryder Cup. But there’ll be time for another adventure – closer to home next time….”

You can follow Dr Murray’s Andes to Amazon run on or his own site