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Meet G-1000, Fjällräven's most adventure-ready and adaptable water-resistant fabric.

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When the weather gets rough you need durable, high-performing clothing. Enter Fjällräven's G-1000, a tightly-woven blend of cotton and polyester that is tough, hardwearing and weather-resistant.

G-1000 is the Swedish outdoor brand's hero material - you'll find it across their trekking trousers, warm parkas, tough backpacks and more. Wondering what the G in G-1000 stands for? It's the country the material was inspired by, and where you can encounter some of the toughest outdoor conditions on earth - Greenland.

To wax a G-1000 garment, you simply rub a soap-size block of Greenland wax against the fabric, coating it all over, then heat the wax with an iron or hairdryer. You can apply several layers of wax to areas that get a lot of wear and tear, such as the knees and lower legs of trousers, or the hood of a jacket. There's no mess involved - the wax simply glides on. You can even re-wax items out in the wild by heating them over a camp stove. And to remove the wax coating, simply wash the item at 40C. Greenland Wax is a completely natural product, too, made of just two ingredients - beeswax and paraffin, and is made in northern Sweden following a decades-old recipe.

Whether you're planning a tough multi-day trek or are just cooking up a feast back at camp, G-1000 can deal with the conditions you throw at it, and its adaptability to changing seasons makes it a great choice for Britain's ever-uncertain weather. We love wearing G-1000 trousers - it's easy to apply extra wax to knees, gaiters and rear for tough water-resistance and durability in these hard-wearing areas, leaving a lighter coating of wax everywhere else for good breathability. Head out in a newly-waxed G-1000 garment and you'll quickly realise how weatherproof it is - rain and snow simply brush off the  fabric. Hiking in summer? Wash away the wax before you wear a G-1000 item to render it cooler and more breathable in hot conditions.

G-1000 comes in different incarnations, such as G-1000 Heavy Duty, often used in Fjällräven's backpacks, and G-1000 Lite, which has a looser weave, making it more breathable and ideal for travelling. All new products made from G-1000 are made from an eco-version which uses recycled polyester and organic cotton to create a sustainable fabric in line with Fjällräven's eco-conscious ethos.

 Fjallraven Sten jacket.jpgFjallraven Keb trousers.jpg

Looking for your first piece of adventure-ready G-1000 kit? We recommend the Keb technical trousers, which are comfortable and stretchy yet tough enough for long days of trekking, and the Sten jacket, a practical hooded jacket ideal for everyday use. Whatever equipment you choose, eco-friendly, wind-fighting Fjällräven G-1000 makes the perfect adventure companion in any weather.



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