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Get a slice of the future of outdoor and adventure technology with our pick of this year’s best and most innovative gadgets and gizmos for adventure travel.

goal zero venture 30 and nomad 7

Who knew that over the course of 2020 and 2021 we would be locked down under the oppressive shadow of coronavirus, but all being well, in 2022 we will be able to go exploring again. And when we do we'll be armed with tents that can fit into a litre bottle of water, cameras that dive into the ocean to explore the mysteries of the deep, bike computers that can scare off thieves and, finally, a solution to that age old-question – where did my hold luggage end up?

Whether you’re planning to make the most of the summer with a series of fastpacking hikes, long-distance cycle tours or aquatic adventures, these bits of cutting-edge gear are well worth the investment to help you go further.

Marshall Emberton Portable Speaker

Marshall Emberton Speaker

Seen (and heard!) on stages the world over, Marshall make amps that you turn up to 11. But who knew they also made portable bluetooth speakers for your living room or temporary holiday dwelling.

The sound is full and punchy without resorting to the sort of faux amplified bass that does away with the rest of the audible range. In a nutshell the Emberton speaker offers excellent clarity right up to room filling volumes without any nasty clipping.

Offering 20 hours of battery life and a small form factor the Emberton is ideal for taking on your travels. It's also seriously robust and durable, with an IPX7 waterproof rating and thick plastic shell that protects it in transit.

A simple multi-directional control knob at the top allows you to play, pause, skip and adjust volume quickly and easily. Obviously being Bluetooth, you can also control the speaker from your phone. 

We love the aesthetic of the Emberton, Marshall couldn't resist the temptation to mimic their famous amps, it's a bold statement but it paid off, with a quirky look that's appreciated by most.

Showers Pass Waterproof Socks

Showers Pass Socks

You can, of course wear waterproof boots but many people like the versatility of having cooler, more breathable non-waterproof footwear with a pair of waterproof socks to slip into when the going gets squelchy underfoot.

There aren’t too many options available out there but these from Showers Pass have been tried and tested in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest. Constructed using a breathable membrane that’s been specially moulded in a 3D mould to fit over your feet and feel like a normal pair of socks, they feel comfortable to wear and have so far been faultless on the waterproof front.

Primus Klunken Bottle

Primus Klunken bottle

Designed to fit with the timeless styling of Fjallraven’s Kanken backpack the Klunken certainly looks the part. The stainless steel and cork lid has a neat little webbing strap handle – a nod to the Kanken, and the simple double walled construction ensures that your bilberry cordial stays cool and rosehip soup stays hot until you reach your destination. The eight custom colours are thoughtfully designed to match your Kanken bag too, and even if you don’t have a Kanken yourself this is still a good carrier and dispenser of liquids.

Craghoppers Tri Fold Wallet

Craghoppers Tri-Fold Wallet

This little wallet is made of SmartDry Eco recycled materials in a kind of denim/cotton look and feel with a bang on trend charcoal grey colour. The elastic strap holds the wallet shut and inside you get 7 card slots, an RFID card pocket which protects your card from scanners, and a document sleeve. If you want to attach your wallet to a bag or pocket, there’s a small attachment loop on the outside as well as a zipped coin pocket.

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Lifestraw Go filter bottle

Filter any water to make it safe to drink with this lifesaving water bottle. Simply fill up the main compartment of the Lifestraw Go at a lake or a river (but be warned - it can’t filter salt water) and the fibres built into the cap will filter all bacteria away, leaving water clean and safe and ready to drink. We think this bottle is fantastic for long-distance walking when you're packing light, as you don’t have to cart heavy drinking water with you, and for filtering water when you're travelling and aren't sure if tap water is safe. This bottle might just save your life in an emergency - plus, the purchase of a Lifestraw provides safe drinking water for a school child in a developing community for a year.


Pocketalk 'S' voice and camera translator

Pocketalk 'S' voice and camera translator

Who would believe it could be possible to carry 74 different languages in your pocket? This genius little gadget recognizes and translates conversations, written text and signs in real time, so it's far easier to instantly communicate in a country where you don't know the language. The Pocketalk 'S' translater will also store up to 10,000 previous translations, so you can practise a new tongue as you go. If you're travelling or working alone in a far-flung corner of the world, having this Tower of Babel on you will make your journey far smoother. Handy extras include noise-cancelling headphones and a currency converter, and the Pocketalk can be charged via USB.



Cafflano Klassic, all in one coffee maker

Cafflano Klassic coffee maker

Get your caffeine fix even when you’re camping and travelling in the back of beyond with this clever, light and highly portable ceramic coffee maker. The whole kit stacks together into a small tumbler, making it easy to stash in your rucksack when you’re heading into the great outdoors or planning a few months of van travels. Boil water on a stove and then you can grind fresh beans, filter the coffee on the spot and make a potent brew your local hipster café would be proud of. Our pick of the best travel accessories if you're a real foodie.



Scrubba wash bag

Scrubba wash bag

Believe it or not, this bag, which is small enough to fit in your pocket, is actually a travelling washing machine. The genius, lightweight Scrubba contains rubber nodules similar to a traditional washboard – place clothes, detergent and hot water inside and give it a good shake for a minute for decently clean clothes with zero mess. This clever bit of kit is perfect if you’re planning lots of camping and camper van travel trips this summer. The genius Scrubba even doubles as a dry bag when not in use, making it well worth the small space it'll take up in your backpack.



Leatherman Wave Multi tool

Leatherman Wave Multi tool

Tackle any task with Leatherman’s small but mighty Wave multi tool, which has no less than 17 tool options including pliers, wire cutters, multiple knives, a saw, scissors, a screwdriver and, of course, the essential for the best kinds of travel – a bottle opener. If you’re getting into foraging and bushcraft, this is a wonderfully versatile tool to have in your pocket in the wild when you're exploring the natural world in both the UK and further afield. Just make sure you check airline regulations before you pack your Leatherman on your next international flight, as rules on where and how to carry knives do differ in different countries.



Dock and Bay Micro towel

Dock and Bay Micro Towel

A small, fast-drying travel-sized towel is obviously a backpacker's essential, but not all micro towels are created equal. Dock and Bay’s cheery striped delights dry very quickly, don't smell when damp and take up little space in your rucksack, but are still absorbent and large enough to use for swimming and showering, and come in all colours of the rainbow. Keep one rolled up in its storage bag in your rucksack for impromptu wild swims, or pack for your next backpacking trip. You can even personalise your towel if you want to get fancy.



Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight 3 first aid kit

Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight 3

The Ultralight Kit 3 fits neatly into just about every activity we take it on, almost invisibly.

It contains minor injury materials: plasters, antiseptic wipes, a sting relief wipe, assorted plasters and small bandages, but also sports a few items for more meaty injuries such as safety pins for making a sling, a length of fabric tape and butterfly closures for larger cuts.

Experience dictates we throw in a few painkillers and a tick removing tool to boost usefulness, but the fully waterproof bag is big enough to swallow this and more, with the waterproof zip easily reclosing over the lot.

This kit may not save your life, but it could certainly make finishing your day off a little more comfortable.



Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Panel and Nomad 7 Power Pack

Goal Zero Venture 30 and Nomad 7

On longer trips into the backwoods, you might have a GPS, a camera, a phone and more to keep on the go, that needs a chunk of power.

One solution is a solar panel, and the 7-watt Nomad panel, folding away to around 230x160mm by 25mm thick can easily be tucked down the back of a hydration pack or pannier or deployed onto a pack using the paracord loops on each corner.

7 watts in full sun is enough to charge a modern smartphone at a decent clip - not rapid charging, but in theory a few hours should see the battery full.

Any excess juice can be stored in a power pack. Of course, you could partner the Nomad 7 with any USB based battery pack you like, but the Venture 30 is impressively ruggedised for life on the road. With 7800mAh @3.7V it has enough capacity to charge power-hungry smart phones twice. IPX6 weatherproofing ensures that dust and water doesn’t ruin your day either.



Chipolo One Ocean Edition

Chipolo One Ocean Edition

So much more than just a key finder, the Chipolo One is the most useful tracker of things we have come across. This little disc is made from recycled fishing nets and donates a dollar to non-profit ocean clean up organisation Oceanic Global with every purchase.

It’s small and light, carrying some simple electronics and a replaceable CR2032 battery but punches above its weight in pure gadgetry terms. Paired with the intuitive Chipolo app (available on Android and iOS) you can track your Chipolo on a map and call it from your phone within a 60m radius. In a very clever twist, you can also double press your Chipolo disc to call your phone – genius.

If you’re worried about the range, as we were, the Chipolo will alert you, via your phone when it moves out of range and show the last known position of the device, and whatever it’s attached to on a map, very handy for travel luggage and backpacks.

As a bonus the Chipolo acts as a remote shutter release for your phone’s camera – although this only seems to work with a slimed down version of your camera software, oh, and it also works with voice commands from Siri, Google and Alexa.



Vango F10 Hydrogen Air tent

Vango Hydrogen inflatable backpacking tent.jpg

The world's lightest inflatable tent is here. Designed for fast and light outdoor adventures where space is at a premium, Vango’s new Project Hydrogen tent weighs just 700 grams, and Vango’s own Airbeam technology makes it quick and easy to inflate using a small bike pump. If you dream of owning a light-as-a-feather tent for fastpacking, orienteering or bike packing trips, this tough and weatherproof tent, which packs down to a cube just one litre in size, will be your perfect partner in adventure – grab one as soon as they go on sale in summer 2020.



Powervision PowerRay underwater drone

PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone.jpg

Capture the world beneath the waves with Powervision’s amazing underwater drone. The fully waterproof and streamlined PowerRay can dive into the ocean to film and take photos in 4k UHD, and can stay submerged for a massive four hours without recharging. This aquatic camera dives down to a whopping 98 feet, letting you explore the deep from the safety of the shore or from a boat. Use the drone’s console coupled with an app for your phone to control the drone and see exactly what it sees. We’re not surprised the PowerRay has already picked up a clutch of design awards.

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