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From a canoe you can store in a suitcase to a wilderness-ready stove, we bring you our pick of the best just-landed adventurous technology.

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Quicksilver Surfing Buoyancy Vest EQuiksilver Highline Airlift | £867

Quiksilver’s ground-breaking new offering may look like a kayaking vest, but it’s designed primarily with big wave surfers in mind. When wearing the Highline Airlift, which was designed in collaboration with scuba equipment company Aqua Lung, a CO2 canister kicks into action if a surfer gets into difficulty.

The Highline Airlift then inflates and helps pull the surfer out of the wave, or keeps them afloat in the sea following an injury. Designed to be worn alone or over a wetsuit, the vest is brand new but is already collecting design and safety awards.


ONAK Foldable Canoe | £1,500ONAK 1.jpg

We can’t get over how cool this ‘origami’ canoe is. The Kickstarter-funded, Belgian-designed ONAK 2.0 is a foldable canoe that is lightweight (at less than 17kg), strong and – you guessed it – folds down super small.

If you love the idea of owning your own canoe but are short on storage space, this is perfect – the ONAK is compactable down to the size of a carry-on suitcase (you could even keep it under your bed), has wheels for portability and is even designed to attach to a bike like a trailer.

The first incarnation of the ONAK won a clutch of design awards and its new version is set to be even better. Plus it’s made with sustainable and microplastic-free materials.


We Drifters 2 EWe Drifters Anti-Insect Sleepwear Set | £85

Tropical coasts and green rainforests make for amazing adventures – until you head for bed and wake up covered in itchy insect bites. Keep the no-see-ums at bay with We Drifters, soft pyjama separates treated with permanent anti-insect technology to keep mosquitoes and other nasties away at night.

They’re soft, comfortable and made with bamboo, which is known for its moisture-wicking, anti-microbial properties. The full set includes a long-sleeved top, long johns and socks to protect as much of your skin as possible. Zzzz.


BioLite Electric Wood Burning Camp Stove EBioLite Campstove 2 bundle | £219.95

This wood-burning camp stove is more than the sum of its parts. It doesn’t just cook food and boil water (although it does both very well) – it also converts heat into electricity, so you can charge your phone, a camping light or other tech while you’re cooking dinner outdoors.

There’s even a dashboard to show you battery status. It’s a hefty size and weight, so best for camping holidays rather than backpacking trips. This kit also includes a removable grill, kettle pot and rechargeable light.


Gear Hook Storage Solution EGear Hooks | From £25

So simple, so useful. Sure, we’ve all seen wall-mounted bike racks before, but Gear Hooks’ clever hanging systems are also designed to hold skis, snowboards, climbing kit, skateboards, hiking boots, golf sets – yep, pretty much any outdoor equipment you own can be hung on the wall safely and effortlessly using these totally customisable hooks and rails.

You buy a colourful rail, then pick the hooks that suit your kit - each rail can take six bikes, six pairs of skis or snowboards or a combo. Hanging your gear up keeps it clean, dry and easy to find. If your garage or shed is currently a terrifying mess, square it all away with a set of these hooks – Marie Kondo would be proud.



Vaude Osram Backpack Lights.jpgVaude OSRAM Lighting Kit | Price TBC

Safety lights aren’t just for cyclists any more. If you’re an out-in-all-weathers hiker, ski tourer or trail runner, being seen in the dark is key, and Vaude’s collaboration with OSRAM lighting, coming in the autumn of 2019, is a clever solution.

The OSRAM Light Me Up Kit will be compatible with multiple Vaude bags and backpacks, so you can stick one set of rechargeable LED lights in a backpack designed for ski tourers, a bicycle tool bag, a laptop-compatible backpack that works both in the city and on the trail and even more clever designs.

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