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Make the most of the endless summer in a premium wilderness lodge where the summer nights are never-ending and the sun never sets.

Photo: Daniel Wildey

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Getting away from it all takes on a whole new meaning in an Arctic Norway summer! The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the summer in places north of the Arctic Circle – including in Alta in the far north of Norway. Sorrisniva is an oasis of premium summer experiences under the midnight sun from late May until late August. 24 hours of sunlight above the Arctic Circle means more time to enjoy the stunning scenery and make new discoveries.

Where is Alta Norway?

This area of spectacular landscapes lies in northern Norway, 69 degrees north above the Arctic circle. It is known as the Northern Lights City as the first research into the northern lights was conducted here, and the first ever photograph of this breath-taking natural spectacle was taken in Alta back in 1892. 

Sorrisniva is located just outside of the city of Alta, in the Finnmark county of Norway. You can fly to Alta airport from Oslo, the capital of Norway, in about 1 hour 45 minutes. From there it is just a 25-minute drive inland to Sorrisniva. It is even within driving distance of North Cape - continental Europe's most northerly point.

Why visit Sorrisniva in Summer?

The summer months are the season of the midnight sun, when the endless summer turns everything that was once covered in white fluffy snow during the long Arctic winter, into verdant green scenery. By late May summer begins to tighten its grip in Alta, and the weather gets warmer-and warmer.

During the months of June, July, and August the days are long, and the nights are short. A season for hiking, biking, boating, exploring the wilderness, barbecuing, and many other active pursuits, the Norwegian Summer gives you loads of time to be bathed in sunshine as the sun never sets.

Photo: Sorrisniva Norway

Experience the restorative powers of Sorrisniva Arctic Wilderness Hotel

Sorrisniva is a year-round holiday resort that offers guests high-quality accommodation in the new Arctic Wilderness lodge, unique stays in the world's northernmost igloo hotel, world-renowned cuisine, and fine dining experiences, as well as a wide range of wilderness adventures through the dramatically different Arctic seasons.

Sorrisniva proves you don't have to rough it to enjoy the restorative powers of the northern Norway wilderness. The 24-room Sorrisniva Wilderness Lodge is built on the banks of the internationally renowned Alta river in Norway’s high Arctic, and enables Sorrisniva to add to their traditional ice hotel and wilderness experiences with year-round activities and premium accommodation.

The Lodge includes 17 river rooms, 5 river suites and 2 dual room premium suites. All of the rooms have panoramic windows extending from the floor into the ceiling, maximising the views of the Alta river and Arctic wilderness as well as enabling viewing of Northern lights at the right time of the year.

And what does Sorrisniva mean? The word derives from early Finnish immigration to the Alta River and describes the burbling of the water as it flows over the riverbed.

Photo: Sorrisniva Norway

The best activities to try when staying at Sorrisniva in summer

Make the most of the endless daylight on a range of Arctic summer activities, from an exhilarating riverboat excursion through the world-famous Alta River to Sautso, Northern Europe’s largest canyon, to building a campfire under the midnight sun or fishing for king crabs.

Photo: Sorrisniva Norway

Riverboat experience down the Alta River

Welcome aboard one of the traditional long riverboats for a breath-taking trip along the Alta River, passing through northern Europe’s largest river canyon. The Alta River is world-famous for salmon sport fishing, as your guide will explain, as well as talking you through many other fascinating aspects of the river as you float along. You'll watch for wildlife along the river's banks, learn more about the area's history and spend some time soaking in the peaceful surroundings from the water. 

You can choose from a short 30-min trip to a five hour package that includes a gourmet dinner in Sorrisniva's renowned Lavvu Restaurant.

Find more info about the riverboat experience at

Photo: Sorrisniva Norway

Hammocking under the midnight sun

Spending time in the great outdoors is an inspirational experience, and hammocking is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy the Arctic wilderness. Either on your own or with a guide, on this evening trip you can set up camp on a viewpoint overlooking the stunning mountain scenery below, curving Alta River, and local farms in the area surrounding Sorrisniva. You won't go hungry either - enjoy pancakes cooked over a campfire with jam made from local, hand-picked berries. A truly unique wilderness experience. 

Find more info about hammocking near Sorrisniva at

Photo: Sorrisniva Norway

5-course fine dining experience at Maku Restaurant

The Maku Restaurant at the Arctic Wilderness Lodge offers a fantastic culinary experience, overlooking the Alta River and surrounding wilderness. Sorrisniva is renowned for its locally-sourced produce which gives you the chance to get to know the local area through the food you eat and support local growers. 

Maku's chefs create unique dishes using the best ingredients from Arctic Norway including reindeer and moose from the tundra, seafood from the Alta River and Norwegian sea, vegetables from local farms and berries picked in the local wilderness. A bottle of wine from the extensive wine cellar is also the perfect companion to your meal. 

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Photo: Sorrisniva Norway

King crab fishing in Alta Fjord

This must-do arctic wilderness experience gives you the chance to fish for what many consider to be world-class crab. Originally native to the Northern Pacific Ocean, the King Crab was introduced by the Soviet Union in the 1960s to the Murmansk fjord, and reached Alta fjord around 2012.

But the fishing is only the beginning –  after your trip on the Fjord, you will make your way back to Sorrisniva for a spectacular, as-fresh-as-can-be meal. Combining working hard to catch the wild crab with a renowned culinary experience makes this an unmissable activity for foodies.

For more details about king crab fishing in Norway, go to

Photo: Sorrisniva Norway

Hike to Orvossfossen

This is a 2.5 hour, medium-level hike of 4km, with an experienced local guide, to explore the wonderful waterfall of Orvvosfossen, which flows into the Orvvosjohkja river. The trail follows a densely wooded and beautiful forest area until you reach the waterfall after about 2km. You can also get a whole new perspective and climb up the ridge above the waterfall to view the tumbling water as it flows down the rocky ground below.

Explore the hike to Orvossfossen at

Photo: Sorrisniva Norway

And one for winter...

Experience the world's northernmost igloo hotel

At Sorrisniva, a brand new Igloo Hotel is built during early winter by a crew of local artists, with the hotel standing strong from 20 December to 7 April each year. Throughout the winter season, this icy symbol of the Arctic is the starting point for a wide range of unmissable wilderness experiences in Arctic Norway; hunting the northern lights, snowmobiling across the wide-open Finnmark plateau, snowshoeing, husky sledding, and reindeer and Sami experiences.

You can choose to spend the night or simply visit, with guided tours of the fascinating hotel offered to visitors to explore the stunning structure, learn about the construction and get a closer look at the breath-taking ice sculptures. You can even try your hand at making your own ice art!

Explore the igloo hotel at

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