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Whether you love the bumpy, rough, muddy pleasures of mountain biking, ride seriously on the road or are just looking for more comfort on your touring bike the chances are you have at some point worn cycling gloves, but all gloves are not made equal which is why we've picked our 6 best of the year.

madison alpine mens gloves

Although gloves aren't essential for summer cycling most people opt to use them for comfort, whether fingerless mitts with little palm padding, or full-fingered MTB gloves.

In the winter it's a different story altogether, even on a warm winter or spring day it's likely that you'll need some form of finger covering to avoid getting frostbite. It's perfectly acceptable to use any glove you deem warm enough, and a thin MTB glove will often do the trick if you're working hard enough. For longer, slower rides on the coldest of days you'd be well advised to invest in an insulated glove that blocks out wind but is still breathable. The addition of insulation can hamper dexterity so it's a good idea to make sure you're still confident using the brakes and shifting gears before hitting the open road.


Endura-FS260-Pro-Aerogel-Mitts Womens.jpgEndura FS260 Aerogel mitts | £34

Best for: Roadies who prefer the feel of a thinly padded palm

For these high-performance mitts Endura has opted for a high wicking stretch fabric for the upper of the glove rather than perforations. The moulded gel padding is covered in a silicone mesh which gives good grip. The padding is thin and feels quite tough without much give, which is great for a precision feel, but if you suffer from ulnar nerve problems then look for a glove with meatier padding The fit is snug, but loosens up with time and we found the terry wipe is in just the right spot and large enough to be useful!

Overall a decent effort from Endura only let down by our personal preference for a more padded palm.

+ Good build quality

–  Thin Ulnar padding


Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Womens gloves.jpgPearl Izumi Elite softshell winter gloves | £50

Best for: Those that need their digits to stay toasty warm on winter rides

The Elite Softshell gloves are a winter glove with 100g of Primaloft Gold insulation, a fleecy liner, gel palm and long cuff with hook and loop Velcro closure. The insulation is a bit bulky at first, especially if you’re used to riding in summer mitts, but you soon get used to them. The face material isn’t as wind-proof as we’d like but on the flip side it does breathe well. Fit and comfort are both top notch thanks to a fleecy liner and effective gel padding in the palm, plus there’s a finger phone swipey nodule. The cuffs are the perfect diameter and fasten easily with a hook and loop closer.

For classic UK autumn and winter temperatures the Elite Softshell gloves hit the comfort/feel sweet spot.

+  Good balance of breathability and warmth

–  Nothing


Gore-Bike-Wear-Power-Windstopper-Softshell-Glove.jpgGore Power Windstopper winter gloves | £35

Best for: Taking the edge of autumn, winter and spring rides without getting too sweaty

The softshell fabric of the Power Windstopper is a thing of wonder and a testament to Gore’s obsession with fabric development. We didn’t feel even a hint of wind coming through the gloves, even on freezing morning rides, making them warmer than many insulated gloves. Less insulation equals less bulk and, coupled with the wonderfully soft and supple fabric a lot more feel. The Power Windstopper gloves were also very breathable. The fit is close but not overly so and the cuff is well judged, allowing easy entry but a comfortable and secure fit once on.

Considering the bargain price and excellent performance, a fantastic investment for cold weather cycling.

+  Warmth without bulk

–  Slight lack of padding in the palm


Madison-White-Black-Alpine-MTB-Gloves.jpgMadison Alpine mountain bike gloves  | £20

Best for: Those that appreciate simplicity in a MTB glove

The Alpine is a minimalist full-fingered mtb glove which discards fancy features which might get in the way of maximum feel.

To this end a single-layer perforated and shaped suede palm extends from the cuff to the tips of the fingers and around the tips of the first and second fingers for extra durability. A silicon print on the first and second fingers ensures excellent brake lever grip, and touch screen functionality. At the wrist there is a broad Velcro flap for keeping these superbly comfortable glove snug and in place.

An excellent choice for maximum feel, control and year-round riding comfort – all at an impressive price.

+  Pared-back design and great versatility

–  No padding at all on the palm


Giro DND full finger mtb glove.jpgGiro DND mountain bike gloves | £14

Best for: MTB'ers who appreciate great value and quality

Considering their incredible price, Giro’s DND glove has plenty of features. There is a tab on the inside of the wrist for pulling them on, and a three-panel, synthetic suede palm that remains bunch-free and flat against the skin – the hard-wearing material running up to the fingertips of the third and fourth fingers and around the top of the harder working first and second fingertips for extra durability. Although tight to get on, fit is excellent, with articulation zones on the knuckles, plus a 2mm EVA pad across the Ulnar side of the heel of the palm.

A well-designed and reasonably well-featured trail glove with good durability and an Ulnar pad for an amazing price.

 +  Great value, tough, no-nonsense design

  –  Quite tight to get on


Specialized BG Gel Mitt.jpgSpecialized BG Gel mitts | £25 

Best for: Roadies who suffer from ulnar nerve problems

The Body Geometry Gel mitts are designed for summer riding both on and off the road, featuring a synthetic leather palm, thumb wipe, Velcro cuff closure and perforated upper. The gloves feel immediately comfortable, with a soft and supple finish to the one-piece palm and unobtrusive stitching. The cuffs sit comfortably around the wrist and the Velcro closure is minimalist but works well. The gloves feel light and airy to wear thanks in part to the stretchy perforated upper which lets heat escape and gives welcome ventilation on hot, hard rides.

Well designed mitt for summer riding with good ventilation and protection at an very reasonable price.

+  Excellent padding

–  Nothing

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