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Spot deer, admire two historic obelisks and enjoy the peaceful English woodland surroundings on this long, rambling route.

Epping Forest Centenary Trail UK CREDIT Diliff WikiCommons
Photo: Diliff_WikiCommons

Epping Forest Uplands – Why Go?

A walk through the Uplands of Epping Forest will bring you closer to its fascinating history. On the grounds of Warlies Park, you'll find two beautiful obelisks that were built in the 18th Century to honour Queen Boudicca. It's thought that the Queen of the Iceni tribe took her last stand against the Romans in Epping Forest, staying at Loughton Camp. People often tour the Epping Upland areas to imagine what her life here was like.

The Epping Forest Uplands offer a great walk that takes you past some of the best spots for deer watching, and exploring these spots in Epping Forest is always fun. The Epping Forest Uplands circular walk is one of the best in Epping Forest and will help you get acquainted with the area if you're spending more time here. Plus, the start point is Epping Station, which means you can easily take public transport from Essex or the city of London to find some peace amongst the trees.

Epping Forest Uplands – What to Expect

Most of the footpaths up to and around Boudicca's Obelisk are well-maintained, but you may find some muddy puddles after long stretches of rain. You can also expect some uneven forest paths and hills to climb, so we recommend wearing a pair of comfortable walking boots.

At around seven miles long, the walk takes a few hours to complete. But on a beautiful day, the time will fly by. There are plenty of opportunities to stop for refreshment along the way too, as you'll be exploring the area near Upshire village in the wonderful Epping Forest district.

Epping Forest Uplands – The Route, Part 1

16 km / 4 - 5 hours

Starting from Epping Train Station in Epping town, head to the right and cross the road to the car park. Here, there will be an alleyway on the left which takes you along the edge of the car park to Centre Drive. Take a right onto Western Avenue before joining the Centenary Walk. Follow the path for a few miles to reach a sign for a footpath. Take the right track, climbing uphill to reach Bell Common.

At Bell Common, head left and take the small trail beside the houses to the Forest Gate Inn. Follow Theydon Road until reaching a wide, grassy path on the right. Take this path as it curves to the left past Epping Cricket Club. Enter the woods and keep on the wide gravel footpath that heads downhill.

Following the gravel track that is part of Centenary Walk will lead you to Ambresbury Banks, the Iron Age hill fort. After passing the fort, take a sharp right to keep on the gravel path. You'll leave the Centenary Walk to double back on yourself, then turn left to join Epping Road. Cross over by the metal barriers and join the next gravel path. It runs alongside the A121, which you'll need to rejoin after a short distance.

At Woodridden Hill and the signpost to Loughton, cross to the other side of the road and join the Forest Way trail. Follow the track as it heads towards the next road, turning right before leaving the forest to head directly downhill. This path takes you away from the Forest Way and towards a small stream, which you'll follow to reach Woodgreen Road.

Epping Forest Uplands – The Route, Part 2

Pass under the M25 to Wood Green. When the road turns sharply left, head right to take a footpath with a stile. Keeping the hedge on the left, continue along this trail, crossing two footbridges and stiles to head up a gentle hill. Upshire Church will be in your view, and you will follow Horseshoe Hill as it passes behind the church.

At the signpost to Upshire Village, walk left along Fenhall Lane to Obelisk Farm. Here, turn right onto a small lane, where Boudicca's Obelisk will be in sight on the left-hand side. Continue your walk along this path until you reach Long Street. Turn right to follow the road, and take the left turn about halfway along the road. This track leads to Lodge Farm Stables, and you'll follow the path that leads slightly uphill towards Copped Hall.

At the fork in the paths, our route goes left through some open fields. By the White House, take the lane on the left, climb the stile and follow the permissive path towards Little Rookery Wood. This area of Epping Upland is often popular with the majestic fallow deer, so make sure to explore the paths and fields to catch a glimpse of the elusive creatures.

Once you've enjoyed exploring the grounds and woodland surrounding Copped Hall, return to the permissive path and retrace your steps down to Lodge Farm Stables. Skirt the edge of the field, passing through a gap in the hedges to a small track running alongside the M25. Keep left, passing over a stile to reach High Road and the Epping Cricket Club. Walking past the front of the pavilion, you can rejoin the path you walked earlier, near Theydon Road and Bell Common. Now, simply retrace your steps to return to the Epping Station.

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