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This gentle walk takes you through rolling Cotswold Countryside to a 4,500 year old stone circle steeped in legend and folklore.

Rollright Stones

Rollright walk - Why go?

The main attraction to this walk must be the Rollright Stones which, if legend is to be believed are actually a king and his army, turned into stone by a witch. Apparently, if anyone cuts down the elder tree in the hedge nearby, the spell will break, and they'll return to life.

The stones, divided into three groups, the King's Men Circle, the Whispering Knights (once the entrance to a neolithic burial chamber) and a solitary King's Stone sit in rolling Cotswold’s countryside with plenty of opportunity to see chocolate box scenery.


Rollright walk - What to expect?

Expect mainly charming Cotswold countryside dipping into valleys and woods and over babbling brooks. There is only one steep ascent, and the walking is gentle, making it suitable for all ages and abilities. Sturdy walking footwear is still recommended, of course.


Rollright Stones Walk – The Route, Part 1

8.3km / 1-2 hours

At the junction of Cooks Lane and Rose Lane follow signs for the Trout Lakes and Rectory Farm past a line of tall trees on your left.

When the track turns away, head straight on, following the bridleway sign. The hedge should be on your right.

At the next gate turn right and follow the hedge for around 120m, then turn left across the field on a marked path, this will take you to a ditch on the other side of the field. Carry on zig zagging along the valley with the hedge on your left, eventually crossing a shallow stream, past a plantation and across the lane.

Take the path across the field to a gate then walk up the hill ensuring the hedge is on your left. Carry on through two more gates.

Just before you reach Brighthill farm walk diagonally right where you will find a farm gate with stile near the far-right corner of the buildings.

Take the track along the right side of the house until you reach some woods where you turn  onto the d’Arcy Dalton Way, following an avenue between the trees. Now for a detour to the Rollright Stones.


Rollright Stones Walk – The Route, Part 2

Leave the wood over a stile and you will see the Rollright Stones on your right. Follow the path to the Whispering Knights and on around the field to the King’s Men, a ceremonial stone circle erected around 2,500BC. Take some time to appreciate the seventy or so stones of heavily weathered local oolitic limestone.

To finalise the visit to the Rollright Stones cross the road into the field to the King Stone, most likely erected around 1500 BC as a permanent memorial to the burial ground.

Retrace your steps back to the Whispering Knights and the d’Arcy Dalton Way. Here turn right walking across two fields, across a lane and into view of the privately owned hamlet of Little Rollright, Once owned by Oxford University's Lincoln College and boasting a 10-bedroom grade-II listed manor house.

Walk between the hedges and cross a sandy drive. Follow the signs which take you around houses and farm buildings, then up to some metal gates.

Follow the trail back towards Salford, entering the first small woods which ends at a stream crossed over a stile. Keep walking through a string of small woods and out into a field. Here walk up top the next field where you will find a farm gate.

Turn right through the gate and immediately left to enter more woods.

Leave the woods over a stile and walk along the left edge of the field to another copse.

Follow the trail across a paddock to the last stile and walk onto a small track where you bear left and right taking you back out onto the lane where you started.

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