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A great morning stroll from the village of Grasmere, or a playful adventure for the kids. 

Photo: Khrizmo_iStock

Round Grasmere – Why Go?

See what William Wordsworth was so enamoured with, with a short circuit of Grasmere; “the loveliest spot that man hath ever found.” Walking away from the village of Grasmere, you will very quickly find yourself in the midst of pretty farmland and surrounded by the high fells on all sides.

The natural beauty of Lake Grasmere and the stunning views of this area are favourites of everybody that visits the Lake District; it’s family-friendly and can provide hours of fun. Ducks are waiting on the bank to be fed, the stones on Penny Rock beach are just perfect for skimming, and hiking back to the village through the White Moss woodland feels simply magical. This walk might not take hours or that you to the summit of the highest fells, but it really is one of the Lake District's best hikes.

Round Grasmere – What to Expect

This lakeside stroll has fairly level ground, and should only take around 2 hours to complete this circular walk. While there are no big fells to climb on this walk, a pair of waterproof walking boots might be needed if there’s been recent rainfall.  

There are a few different options for a car park in Grasmere and it depends on what you plan to do during your time here. Broadgate Meadow car park sits at the northern edge of Grasmere village, where walks to Helm Crag and Alcock Tarn start. For this walk around Grasmere lake, and perhaps a visit to Wordsworth's former home, Dove Cottage, Stock Lane car park is the best option. 

Round Grasmere – The Route, Part 1

6km / 2 hours

If Grasmere village is bustling it takes only a few minutes to get away from it all by heading southwest on the quiet road past the garden centre (opposite the church). This road leads through some of the most idyllic villages in the Lake District with homes that belong to incredibly talented gardeners.

Look out for a footpath heading left after about 1 km. Walk along it and you'll be lead right down onto the lake shore. For the kids, the adventure starts here, with a long stretch right along the shoreline to the southeast corner of the lake. Thousands of stones lie waiting to be skimmed, and almost as many ducks lie waiting to be fed!

Round Grasmere – The Route, Part 2

Crossing the stream leads you towards White Moss woods, and shortly afterwards to the road between the villages of Grasmere and Rydal. At busy times you may prefer to retrace your steps around the lake, as the road can seem narrow. At quieter times it is worth pressing on in order to arrive at the Daffodil Hotel. A fantastic terrace at the rear makes a very relaxing spot for tea or a welcome pint.

From the Daffodil, it’s a very short stint on the road until you’re back in Grasmere village with a huge choice of pubs and tea rooms to visit. 

A glance at the Ordnance Survey map (OL7) will show huge potential for extending this walk; an easy alternative is to take in Rydal Water which would double the length of the walk but is still on easy ground. From the east end of Rydal Water, you can cross the road and head a little way up into the hills to come back west through the woods and avoid the traffic.

Want more? Take a look at our full rundown of the best walks in the Lake District for even more great routes. 

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