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We pack the Berghaus Ramche Reflect down jacket and head for the hills.
ramche micro black
Best for...
Those times you may cool off, like during a rest break at the top of a hill or evening camp.
Overall Score
Wonderfully light and warm for the small pack weight, with a very effective hood and low hem.
Expensive and not everyone is taken with the shiny 'bin bag' appearance

There's nothing better than having a warm jacket to look forward to after a day cycling or hiking in the hills, ending in a remote camp. Even in mild climates you'll chill off as the evening draws in, making an insulated jacket a camp essential which stops you being chased into your sleeping bag too early.

This down jacket from Berghaus is a great example of how it can be done without adding too much weight or bulk to your pack. Our large size comes in at 366g, packs down to less than a litre in volume and is luxuriously warm to wear. The high neck is well sealed to prevent heat loss, while a long, dropped hem keeps hard working backsides cosy too. Lycra cuffs seal up nicely without adding bulk and so the overall impression is a wonderfully warm yet airy jacket.

Down can suffer in damp conditions, so it's a relief to see Berghaus have specced Nikwax water resistant down which - they claim - can shrug off water for 16 hours while still keeping you warm. Backing this up is a reflective layer that adds another ten percent to the warmth. While we can't accurately confirm those numbers, this is certainly a very cosy jacket for the bulk.

We really love the practicality of the Ramche, with the only real negative being the glossy, binbag style finish. If you can live with that, and the price, you've got one of the best packable down jackets out there.

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