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The Skogso jacket from Fjallraven sits in their trekking range, but is designed to be worn as an urban jacket too; we tested it in an active travel context.

fjallraven skogso
Best for...
All-year travellers who need kit that will take a beating
Overall Score
Inimitable rugged, Scandi-style
Velcro cuff-closure would be more universal than the poppers used

Fjallraven's Skogso jacket is constructed from a lightweight version of their popular G1000 fabric - G1000 Lite (with the burlier original fabric used on the shoulders) - and has extra ventilation to help in warmer weather.

In the context of being an active/travel crossover piece, the Skogso is just about perfect. As with all Fjallraven's G1000 clothing, it doesn't claim to be waterproof, but the addition of Greenland Wax means high levels of water resistance can be achieved without sacrificing breathability.

That lends some 'customisability' to the Skogso that works for a variety of travel scenarios. In warm weather the back vents are highly effective (without a pack) and the lighter fabric is noticeably more suited to non-Scandinavian destinations. But we even tested this jacket on a spring ski trip in the Alps and combined with a fleece (which layers well thanks to the relaxed cut) the Skogso regulates temperature extremely well, helped hugely by the wind resistance.

The real travel benefit of G1000 over a membraned waterproof is the softness of the fabric. It never feels restrictive, noisy or out of place, and Fjallraven's inimitable Scandi-heritage-style fits the souk and the cocktail bar as well as it does the wilderness.

Loads of zippered pockets are ideal for securing travel essentials, the hood is unobtrusive but combined with the high chin protection, is very effective in use, and the length (cut lower at the back) walks a perfect line between casual in town and practical on the hill.

Fjallraven gear in general is expensive but always worth it - the Skogso jacket, at a relative modest £185, seems like a steal.

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