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Berghaus make great walking boots and often for very reasonable prices, the Expeditor Ridge 2.0 on test is a prime example of this tried and tested formula.

berghaus expeditor ridge
Best for...
Short walks in gentle countryside
Overall Score
Great all-rounder
A little too much trail feel, which can get tiresome on longer walks

Sitting mid-range, the Expeditor Ridge 2.0 boots have everything you need and nothing you don't. Most of the technology you see on these boots is proprietary - with an AQ waterproof lining rather than Gore-Tex and Optistud grip on the outsole rather than Vibram. Don't let that put you off though - Berghaus have been in the game long enough to put together a very good all-round walking boot without using big name (and expensive) third party manufacturers.

And for such lightweight walking boots - at 1020g per pair - these are well-built, using quality leather and solid stitching all over.

Sizing is optimised to cater for a wide range of feet, but sits slightly on the narrower side of normal. The midfoot is the pinch point here, being narrower than the toe box which offers a medium size with just enough room for the toes to splay naturally. We're pleasantly surprised at how well the heel locks into the boot and are yet to experience any significant heel lift, even over undulating terrain. This well-judged fit ultimately means that you're less likely to suffer from blisters and your feet are held firmly in place, those with particularly wide or high-volume feet may need to look elsewhere though.

Despite your feet being firmly locked into the boot the lack of overall stability relegates the Expeditor Ridge 2.0 to mostly gentle terrain. The walking platform beneath your feet is narrow and the sole isn't particularly stiff, so you get a bit of roll from side to side when you're walking over bumpy fields and rocks. The lightweight upper doesn't offer a lot in terms of resistance either but in a sense this is exactly what you want a lightweight walking boot to be - lithe and easy going, so you can chuck them on as much for a quick walk down a country lane as for a planned circular route over the local countryside.

The footbed is Ortholite and has a nice bit of padding but absolutely no structure to it, if you like a bit more support for your feet we would recommend a pair of aftermarket insoles from Superfeet or similar. In the same vein there isn't much arch support, which suits my feet but if you like more, replacement insoles will help.

Cushioning around the ankle, tongue and inside the boot is quite soft but in such a lightweight boot it works well over short to medium walks.

If you're planning on using the Expeditor Ridge 2.0 for heavy backpacking loads or long walks then you may start to feel sore after a long day on the trails as the EVA cushioning in the mid sole doesn't offer a solid enough platform to stop the trail feeling its way through to the bottoms of your feet. On the flip side, for short, easy walks they're springy and easy to walk in straight out of the box.

As a solid everyday walking boot the Expeditor Ridge 2.0 ticks a lot of boxes and the price is very favourable when compared to other boots on the market. This makes them a great buy for short to medium length walks through gentle countryside.


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