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We test the stripped-down and reimagined Greenland Top pack from Fjallraven.

fjallraven greenland top
Best for...
Travellers - great as carry-on and for day-to-day use
Overall Score
The simplicity; a pared-down, stylised throwback
The simplicity; it lacks some basic features

The Greenland range from Fjallraven is 50 years old, and has undergone an update which includes the new Greenland Top pack. "Classic style and modern features" say Fjallraven, "just as useful for forest outings as for everyday use."

Simplicity is a tricky beast, and one which Fjallraven have more or less under control. Their burly, weather resistant, waxed G1000 fabric is a case in point, and gives confidence that this pack will last for many hard years. Simplicity of design is another Fjallraven staple, and this is a classic top-loader, with two deep side pockets, a zipped pocket in the lid and one on the front. There is also a laptop sleeve inside, making this a great choice for commuting and for carry-on travel luggage.

The flip side of its simplicity is in the lack of waist and chest straps; a fairly basic expectation for even an occasional outdoor jaunt. But the 20 litre capacity and light weight of the pack mean they're not really needed. We took this pack on a 6 hour Peak District classic, with day-hike essentials, and it was perfectly comfortable without the added stability of straps (perhaps due to the nice, high position it adopts on the wearer's back). No doubt some people would miss that extra stability though.

Given the simplicity, some may find the price tag hard to swallow. But anyone familiar with the quality and durability of Fjallraven products will appreciate the value they build in to even the most basic designs. Depending on your view of simplicity the Greenland Top could be a love/hate thing. We love it.

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