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Review of the Lifeventure Soft Fibre Towel, ideal for lightweight travel and backpacking

2033 lifeventure towel
Easy to pack, lightweight and does the job

A great Christmas stocking filler – literally, since the Lifeventure Soft Fibre Towel would pretty much fit into a sock (unworn ideally) since they pack away to a size of 8 x 7cm.

Fortunately they also open out to 40 x 40cm, yet weight just 46g, making them ideal for lightweight travel and backpacking or sports such as surfing and kayaking.

The fabric is highly absorbent, very quick drying and has an ultra-soft texture that is comfortable and non-irritating next to the skin.

It also has an Ax anti-bacterial treatment which ensures it won't develop odours or grow bacteria (even in warm climates), a great feature when it may not be easy to wash your towel regularly.

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