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It is the dream job; reviewing a product that makes tea. We took this Alpkit cooking combination on the road and made lots and lots of tea. In the name of testing, of course.

alpkit bruler
Best for...
Peaceful evenings in camp, using one pot for all your needs.
Overall Score
Simple, reliable and quiet cooking with an easily sourced fuel
The Bruler feet can be tricky to flip down with one hand, and the concertina is needed in any breeze as the low power output struggles otherwise.

Although not strictly sold as a kit, this collection of cooking gear from Alpkit is a superb combination that will see you happily covered for lightweight camping trips.

Let's get this straight from the offset, cooking with the Bruler isn't as fast or efficient as using a gas stove but we've always had a soft spot for meths burners for several important reasons. Firstly, they are completely silent, allowing you to tune in to the noises of your surroundings, and secondly that very limit of power that some would see as a hindrance means you have to stop and take time out of your day to make food - a good thing in our book. Add to that the ubiquitous availability of meths and bombproof reliability (there is pretty much nothing to go wrong) and you can see why we are fans.

The Bruler itself is a small Trangia-style brass burner with flame adjusting swivel lid that sits in an aluminium windshield/pot support with folding legs. The legs can be tricky to place on occasion and need a reasonably flat surface, but once done the whole setup feels solid and efficient. Folding the Concertina windshield tight around the pot makes it pretty weather resistant, but we still wouldn't want to be trying to boil water on an open, windy hillside as you could be there for some time.

The 900ml Mytipot is a cracking example of a hard wearing do-it-all bit of campware - use it for drinking from, cooking in and ultimately storing the Bruler in when you pack up.

All in all, this is a very reasonably priced, tough combination you couldn't go wrong with.

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