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The Outwell Azul Summer seat, an eyesore or a cool addition to any camper's gear collection?
outwell azul summer seat
Overall Score
The funky, cool stripe design
Could be too low for some?

This is a cool seat in a small package. The Outwell Azul has that 'low-rise' design that seems to be growing in popularity in camping and outdoor circles. Weighing in at just 3.1kg and 78 x 20 x 14cm folded (shorter than your usual folding camp seat) we found that the Azul took up minimal space amongst the other luggage bulging into every crevice of our small family hatchback.

The seat opens in pretty much the usual way to reveal a bright, almost psychedelic stripe design. This was a bit of a shock when you're used to unfolding/unpacking camping gear to be greeted with the inevitable green or if you're feeling adventurous, blue. We saw this as a massive plus but I'm guessing it might not be to everyone's taste.

The steel frame is solid and sturdy and gives the seat a reassuringly expensive and high quality feel. The material is a durable polyester canvas that should last the test of time.

In use we found the Azul to be comfortable with the low position allowing you to kick back, stretch your legs out and relax. We loved the seating position (which would be very handy in a low tent) but if you're the type that can't sit still for more than five minutes then you might want to save your knees and invest in something of more standard seat height.

At the end of our trip the Azul folded down and was stowed into its thick carry bag without any dramas. Once folded and packed up the carry handle for the bag can be used to hoist the seat onto your shoulder to pack back up into the car.

Overall, we found the Outwell Azul to be comfortable, fun and stylish - not words often associated with camping gear!

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