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The Hiplok Lite bike lock is a Sold Secure rated bike lock with a unique design feature, we put it to the test.
hiplok lite bike chain lock
Overall Score
Unique wearable design
Most at home in the urban environment

The Hiplok Lite is aimed at the urban cyclist looking for a medium security lock with a twist.

As the name suggests the Hiplok Lite is wearable, attaching around your waist via a webbing strap which feeds through and back on itself, secured by Velcro. There is a bit of bulk to the lock and some inevitable weight but the body takes it well and surprisingly it isn't uncomfortable to wear, at least for shorter journeys.

The chain is made from 6mm hardened steel shrouded in a removeable 600d sleeve. The 10mm hardened steel shackle adds another layer of protection and the cumulative effect is a Sold Secure Bronze rating meaning that the opportunist thief won't bother but a committed thief would have your bike away in around a minute.

The 75cm locking circumference is long enough for your average urban street furniture but take the Hiplok Lite outside it's comfort zone and you might struggle to find a suitable locking point.

Overall, the Hiplok Lite is a highly portable lock for the urban environment with a healthy dose of street cred, it hits the mark for its intended use and at £45 is reasonably priced in comparison to the competition.

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