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Get out on the trails with this pick of great accessories for your next hiking trip.

hiking accessories

Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort Insoles | £40

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You may not think you need a special pair of insoles but try the Trailblazers from Superfeet and you won't look back. Anatomically shaped and built to a high standard these really can turn mildly uncomfortable footwear into some of the best you've worn. Designed to hold your foot in a comfortable place, they help prevent heel slip and toes mashing against the front of your boots and the maximum thickness of this particular model is also great for padding out shoes if you have low volume feet.


Rab Xenon Gloves | £45

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Superlight and super packable say Rab and we can't argue with that. In fact, the Xenon gloves are so light and packable that we take them everywhere with us, the 65g weight and size of an apple within their little stuff sack is very impressive indeed. Within the Pertex Quantum outer is enough top quality PrimaLoft Gold insulation to keep your pinkies warm through autumn and even into winter, this is all helped along by a soft and comfortable microfleece lining. Use as a liner glove or throw in your pack just in case.

Julbo Shield Spectron 3 Sunglasses | £70

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Not only do these sunnies look the part, but they also offer supreme protection for your eyes. Category 3 rated lenses are good enough to take you into the snow or water, where reflections can amplify the effects of the sun, and a pair of side shields have been included. These are unobtrusive to wear but stop sun, wind, rain or dust getting through to your fragile eyes. As side shields go, they don't look half bad but if you're offended by the aesthetic they're easily removed.


Leki Cressida walking poles | £105

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Leki produce some of the world's best walking poles and the women's specific Cressida is no exception. We're fans of the grips which are very comfortable and form fitting with a secure hold. This is bolstered by the adjustable security strap which wrap around the wrists. All three sections of the pole are robust aluminium, and although not as light as carbon they're durable and provide good shock absorption. Adjusting the poles is quick and easy with Leki's Speed Lock 2 system which is slimmed down compared to the original, and provides a firm hold with the poles extended. Maximum length is 125cm and packed up the Cressida poles are compact at only 64cm.


Katadyn BeFree Water filter bottle | £40

Katadyn BeFree Filter 600ml.jpgBuy now button

This handy little bottle holds up to 600ml of fluid but has a party trick up its sleeve. The screw on sports cap doubles as a filter for clearing nasty bacteria, cysts and protozoa (but not viruses) from dirty water. It's simple but works brilliantly well, dispensing clean water directly into your mouth, pot, kettle or water bladder. Cleaning is as easy as filling and filtering, with a simple swish of the bottle doing the job. Once empty you can squeeze out excess air and pack it down small for easy storage.


Drysure Active Shoe Dryer | £25

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If you're on a multi-day hike and the ground is soggy you need a quick and efficient way of drying your footwear at the end of the day. Drysure's shoe and boot dryers absorb excess moisture in as little as 4 hours without using heat, electricity or batteries, making them an eco-friendly way of keeping your feet in tip top condition. They're easily reactivated by placing on a warm radiator or in direct sunlight and will last for years making the £25 initial investment well worthwhile.

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